View Full Version : Anybody going to uvr tomorrow?

07-18-2018, 12:53 AM
Yeah we ran into eachother at the dock. I wasn't sleeping well so I left at about 4am. I got to the Sunset ramp at about 4:40 and still very dark so I laid back for a few. When I woke it was lighter than I wanted and Frank was behind me. After getting the boat ready and saying Hi! I launched.

Frank and Pink Boat said they would try the Sunset area first so I ran to the Dam where I had luck in recent weeks.

Frank and Pink Boat had fish on the Blue boat quickly with them Hoochies. I had one bite all day, top line, weddingring behind dodger tipped with a worm. 12" bow.

I ran over to where Frank & Co were havin all the luck and still no bites. I left about 8:30. Frank was still on the water. I know they had a few but I'll let Frank tell it...

Great morning good weather. Sure makes a difference at that elevation.