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01-08-2019, 10:32 AM
In October of 2017, a fish kill was reported at Mammoth Pool and a story in the Fresno Bee followed. I contacted the DFW biologist for this area to get some more info about what was being done to restore the lake and the plan was to heavily plant the lake with rainbows and a small plant of browns by both the DFW and SCE. But, due to a lack of funds, no actual survey of the damage was ever done. That uncertainty of the brown population, plus the +2 hour drive from my house, lead me to skip the lake for 2018.

After hearing some reports/rumors of some browns being caught during the year, my wife and I headed for the Mammoth Pool on Jan 4th. Most of the trees affected by the previous fires along the road up to and past mile high lookout and on the road to the dam are nearly all cut, giving the area a very different look. After carefully launching our boat, we started trolling towards the dam. Nada. Fished the area by the launch ramp. Nada. Headed up the lake and I finally got a hit. Nice 14" planted rainbow. Continued up the lake and my wife catches a fat 15" Mt Lassen rainbow planted by SCE. Then my wife catches an 18" brown. Then I get a hit-smaller fish but a brown. From then on, we only catch browns.

Overall, we caught 2 rainbows to 15" and 9 skinny browns, with most between 13-16" with a 18" and a 20". All fish were caught on larger rapala's and the water was cold: 41 in the main lake and 36 with areas of ice up the lake. Great day being out there but knowing the brown population didn't completely die off was the highlight.

2019 is starting good for Mammoth Pool. Hope it continues :action-smiley-035:

01-08-2019, 10:03 PM
Good to know. One of the places on my list.

Thank you for the report.

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