View Full Version : Fisherman recently deceased

03-18-2019, 12:25 PM
Where/What's the best way to assure good prices for extensive collection?
Diawa, Accurate, Ugly Sticks, Electric Reels, Magnums, and so much more, etc.

03-18-2019, 02:34 PM
pictures and best prices go to the highest bidder.
Here or Ebay

03-18-2019, 04:31 PM
Sorry to hear for your loss :(. This was a situation we encountered when my wife's father died several years ago, my most current solution was to get deeper into fishing and subsume a lot of the collection. We are planning a sportsman yard sale this summer for the remainder of the hunting and fishing gear (the remainder still being an overwhelming amount of stuff, seriously) we are planning craigslist as a major venue for our liquidation efforts. Let us know how it goes

03-18-2019, 06:04 PM
Not too sure about this it is on a vendor board. Let's see what conspires......Jetspray

03-19-2019, 07:45 AM
You're going to have to pay for listing fees and auction cuts on Ebay. Facebook marketplace is a great way to sell stuff. Sold my pickup and I found a tree stand ladder and brand new cabelas mag game hauler for $20 on it.