View Full Version : collins easter weekend

04-22-2019, 10:48 AM
haven't made a report in years on here...so here is a summary of the fishing at collins from my annual camping trip there

. Fished it Thursday evening through Saturday morning for bass and trout. The bass fishing was dumb easy Thursday evening with a wfo top water bite right at sunset. some decent fish in the mix too up to 3 lbs. The bass fishing slowed the next few days I'm thinking moon phase or something. top baits were finesse worms and walk the dog baits like skitter walk and spittin image.

trout was good the whole time. plenty caught from the camp site up to 6 lbs on the classic powerbait. Did some trolling Saturday morning from 10-12 and got 2 limits pulling a variety of rapalas way back at 2- 2.5 mph gps. best trolling was from the docks to the beach, the river arm was slower this year. easy fishing as always on collins lake with a few double hook ups. I'm not much a truck trout chaser anymore but still nice to change it up from delta stripers and see the UL rods get slammed on troll back to back. fun place to get lots of action with little effort. nows the time to hit it... i think they opened some of the pens recently.

water temp was warm ranging from 65-67 all over the lake.

didn't take many photos but we all know what factory trout look like anyways.

04-22-2019, 11:09 AM
Photos are not important for me, I am not a camera guy for fishing it just takes away time to keep on your equipment. It is great to see a report from the other side of the mountains no matter what it is. Most of the folks remember your posts so keep them up. I always like to see what anyone is using to catch anything, thanks a bunch....Jetspray