View Full Version : Mammoth Pool 4-18/19

04-22-2019, 02:55 PM
Spent two days fishing here after hearing that the bite had been pretty good. Caught 13, 12 of them browns, up to 20 with most around 17-18, all on Rapalas. Fish had much fuller bodies vs my time here in Jan, with them feeding well on crawfish, beetles and other bugs.

The lake is full and the water temp is quickly rising from 56 to 59 degrees with the 80 degree days. Saw 7 other boats out and a few fishing off the shore. The main road is fairly clear of debris, while a forest service crew is working fast to remove all of the fallen trees on the road leading to the lake. Most campgrounds are still closed and will be closed probably for another season due to all of the dangerous fallen and cut trees littered everywhere.

Lake should be good to fish until the lake closure on May 1. Be aware that CDFW has proposed new regs that will close MP to fishing in the spring unless people express concern about this expanded closure.