View Full Version : Caples Lake?

06-02-2019, 09:50 AM
Anyone having success at Caples this season? I have fished there several times each summer for well over a decade and my experience lately has been frustrating. It used to be a place I could take my young kids and know they would catch a few or more. I almost always had good to decent success trolling the dam or fishing near the inlet. The past 3 years or so have been pretty uneventful. We may hook an occasional Mack, or small bow that escapes the hoards of people that fish on delivery day but not much else. Been skunked way too many times the past few years. I have yet to talk to anyone on site that has had much success either. What's confusing is that each year I read in FS about the amazing fishing at Caples. Maybe its true but I don't see it. I love the scenery and wildlife but not sure if its worth dragging the boat there anymore.

06-02-2019, 10:03 AM
It was still frozen as of last week when I checked it out. But it won't be long until it's good to go.

06-02-2019, 07:48 PM
I definitely agree with you. I have not been this year but Caples/ Woods/ Red Lake all used to be lakes I could reply on for steady fishing. I would say the past 3-4 years though atleast I have not had any success or luck there. Maybe one or two but nothing like it used to be.

06-02-2019, 10:25 PM
Drove by Caples this afternoon and there is a small amount of clear water. Probably still 98 percent ice. Silver lake wasn't much better.

06-03-2019, 08:00 AM
Have to agree the lakes up there are declining. 10 years ago I used to go with buddies and camp and almost always would have a 20-30 fish weekend for each of us between caples and red lake. Sometimes even a “grand slam” with cuts, bows, lake, and brown trout on the same day.

Last few years I would be happy to catch more then 1 fish a day. Owell times are changing.

It seems that blue lake is planted more in a regular basis and you can catch more but with the camp grounds the lakes can get crowded