View Full Version : pond fishing 6/04

06-05-2006, 09:01 AM
so i had a friend over this weekend, and we both eat sleep and breathe fishing in every shape and form.. so yesterday afternoon we decided to fish my neighbors pond for some kitties, we used anchovies .. so we both used about 1/2 in. slice of 'chovie and caught 3 little ones(9-12 inches) so i picked up a half chovie that i had stepped on, hooked itup and tossed it out,

bout 3 minutes later my bobber starts dancin', so i let him take it and set the hook and pull it out... this repeats itself like 3times.. so my boober starts dancing again and it starts runing toward the right, so i crank down and set the hook, and i feel weight on the other end, the fish takes off towards some trees that are submerged in the pond, so battle him away from there, and after a short battle i land a solid 3 lb cat...

so my buddy catches another shaker as i fought my fish, so we both put on 1/2 'chovies n cast them out.. and my bobber starts bounching around, and i hook another nice cat that came unbuttoned after about 5 seconds, so i look over and jerrads(my friend) bobber shoots under and doesnt come back up...

SET THE HOOK!!!!!!! so the fight is on man vs beast, UL fenwick rod w/ 10 lb test... the fish dives off toward the trees peelin' line... muscled him the other way, and he heads to the back corner of the pond on another reel burning run... we chased this fish around the pond for about 5 minutes without ever seeing how big it actually was... so he finally gives up and comes in nicely out of the murky water comes a 10+ LB CATFISH!!! the biggest ive seen in my life, caught 100 ft from my front door... after a few quick snapshots we released him to fight again... 2 nice fish in less than 30 mintues.. a day to remember!

06-14-2006, 10:30 AM
pics?? sounds like fun! :D