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08-21-2005, 08:12 PM
* Just wanted to send out a huge Thank You from my 9 year old son and I, to Ken (Ken *fishnfool), for all of his help this past weekend. *With his help and expertise, me and my son had the best fishing day of our lives.We;ve just returned from a barbeque of about 15 pounds of catfish, my son recieved a congratulatory ovation for his success in fishing this weekend and was grinning ear to ear,,, It was just the perfect weekend at Lake Del valle,, thanks to our personal guide from the fish sniffer forum,, Ken.

* My son and I were after our first catfish, after 3 unsuccessful trips to lake Chabot. *We had asked many peope at the lake for tips on catching them, from the set ups, to different baits,, to different locations. The information that we had recieved from the 3 old guys sitting outside the boathouse had to be golden, so we thought. *We were skunked 3 times out of three. *It was around this time that I had remembered the fish sniffer forum, and had posted a simple question regarding *tips on catching catfish at Lake Del Valle. *After a few Instant messages from Ken, *I was all set regarding the best bait to use,, the right set up,hooks, line, *and most importantly,, *some hot spots around the lake. *After a hard week at work, my son and I decided to go out early Friday morning to fish. *We arrived at 7 am and were ready with our poles in the water,, a few bites, but no fish. *After moving around a few times,, we ended up back at our original spot,, and at 12 noon,,, my son hooks up with *his first big fish,, *a pike, * it was only a couple pounds,, but his reaction was just priceless,,, he held the fish up,, let out a huge scream and shouted to the fish " I love you" * It was something I;ll never forget. *About 20 minutes later, he hooks up with a catfish,, his first,, and again,, he was hooting and hollering... * As we were leaving, my son was retrieving the line on the last pole and yells out " I got one".. sure enough,, he had hooked a huge catfish,,, and after about 10 minutes,, finally gets it close *to the boat,, *And at the last few seconds,, right when we see it surface,,, *the line snaps,,,, *My son had this look on his face,, not so much mad,,, but more like we;ll get him later,, *he truly enjoyed the challenge,,, *The one that got away(I estimate 5 pounds) *was by my sons estimation, *15 - 20 pounds ,, and had a head bigger than mine... it was great hearing him tell this story to his friends and family,,, at the present time,, the fish was 30 pounds,, A great day .
*Well saturday morning rolls around,, and I am awoken by my son at 7 am asking me what in the world I was doing in * bed. *The night before he had gotten to bed at 7 pm with a bad headache,, i figured for sure he would have been too tired to head back out to fish,,, *I was wrong... * So we packed up our gear,, and headed out to Del Valle again. *I recall Ken had mentioned that he would be out there,, and I was excited to meet up with the guy who was responsible for our success the day before. * We get out to our spot,, and after about 20 minutes,, a guy comes up to us and asks if I was Charles... it was Ken ,, and we were real excited to tell him about our success the day before. *Ken's response..."one catfish? * sit tight,,,, pull in your lines,,, let me set you guys up",,,, *Ken proceeds to set our anchor in a certain area,, instructs us where to cast,, *and tells us he;ll be back in a little while to check on us,, and to help us set up for the afternoon bite,,, * not even 5 minutes passes,, and my son lands a catfish,,, *within 2 1/2 hours we had landed 6 cats,, a striper(too small and got thrown back,,, *the largest cat was 7 pounds,,, it took me 20 minutes to land,, I think ken got a kick at the amount of time it took to land that cat,,At the same time I had the 7 pounder on the line my son pulled in a 5 pounder,, and had said his arms were ready to fall off from that fight.For a while, we had looked like Laurel and Hardy, tripping over each other and stuff in the boat,,, I;m not sure who was making more noise,, me or my son. *It was just unbelievable what we were experiencing. *Throughout the day, my son had constantly pulled up the stringer to look at our catches for the day,(until it got over 20 pounds),, * * *When it was time to go,,, * we retrieved the anchor and I was having trouble getting the motor started,,, * Ken to the rescue,,, it was a good thing since we only had one oar in the boat,,,,, when we had reached shore,,, we were like celebrities,,, everyone around us,, asking where we had caught the fish,, what we had used,,, * my son had this huge grin on his face,, and sounded like some fishing expert,with his stories and techniques,,, *After he had his picture taken with the 7 pound cat,,,, * we were on our way home,,, *the end to a perfect weekend,, * *
Ken,, * *through your help and guidance, you made some lifelong memories for the both of us,,,,My son can't stop talking about you to his friends,, and this one weekend alone has really strengthened our father son relationship,,,yes,,,just from a fishing trip... * * Sorry this was so long,, but writing this helped me revisit the experience,, one I;ll never forget,,,,
Thanks to the fish sniffer forum and to all of its members like Ken, who take the time to help newbies like myself. *You've done much more than *just help us catch a few fish. *I think Ken saw this on my son's face this past weekend.

* Charles

** * *

08-21-2005, 09:24 PM
thats what these forums are all about. its great to hear of a sniffer helping a fellow sniffer and im sure ur son is hooked on fishin now. great story.

08-22-2005, 12:24 AM
I fished with Ken this weekend as well and have to say, he is by far the most upstanding unselfish fisherman I've ever met. Not only did he share his spot, but when I forgot my anchor, he let me tie off on his tube. I saw him catch about a limit and a half of fish.....all of which he released back into the lake.

Ken, took your advice and stopped off at Albertson's on the way home and picked up some Chef Prudhomme's Blackened Redfish Magic. Boy those cat filets are tasty! ;D

08-22-2005, 05:11 AM
Great story, Must have been a heck of a fish fry, Your boy will forget all about that trip, right after the next one and the next one and the next one. He is hooked. JIM D.

08-22-2005, 09:03 AM
I am still feeling the warm glow that settled into my heart after watching your son battle that first catfish.It was one of lifes priceless moments to see him do battle, get so tired he wanted to give up the pole to you, but, with a little encouragement, suck it up and do battle to a finish. I totally enjoyed meeting you both and seeing the smile onyour sons face is exactly why I like to share the fishing experience with other people. I think we hooked him for life. We got to do it again! ;D
Thanks for the buckets of liver, they enabled me to stick around until Master Caster showed up and I was able to share in the fun some more. A real pleasure meeting up with him as well. I know he and I will be going out for some more fishing , for sure. ;)
Boy is my shoulder sore from all those cats! ;D
We have to do it again some time soon! ;)
(And for all you guys that say WHAT? to the pike (from what I heard described to me) it was a sacramento pike not a northern! No worries.)
My pleasure, for sure,


08-22-2005, 10:07 AM
Cheers Ken- you are what fishin's all about. ;)

08-22-2005, 10:20 AM
What a great story guy's...sniffer to the rescue.


08-23-2005, 05:04 PM
Hey everyone,, we made the fishing report for catfish at Lake Del valle!Current Fishing Conditions
Lake Del Valle Fishing Report - August 22, 2005

GENERAL CONDITIONS: Water visibility is approximately 3 ft. in the south end and up to 20 ft. at the dam. Clarity: Good - small particulate matter. Surface water temp. is approximately 73 degrees; the lake is currently down 4 ft. from normal operating level.

PLANTS: 8/22/2005 1,000 pounds of catfish

HOURS: Marina 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. All rental boats are due in by 7 p.m.

TROUT: Trout bait fishing has been really slow - we haven't had any trout
reported caught on bait. Trolling however, has been more productive.
Trolling at depths of 40 to 60 ft. deep is your best bet. Try using Rapalas
or nightcrawlers and flashers.

BASS: If you can, fish early. There is a good top water bite from
approximately 6 A.M. to 8 P.M. Try using poppers in or around structure, or
dragging buzz baits through the weeds. During the middle of the day, most of
the fish are going to be about 25 ft. deep on structure. Look for points,
drop-offs and rock piles. During this time, work crankbaits slowly or use

CATFISH: Catfish action is still awesome. On 8/20 a father-son team
managed to pull 6 cats out of the lake, including a 6.5 pounder, in just a
couple of hours! They were fishing near Swallow Bay using chicken liver.
Reports of catfish being caught are coming from all over the lake, however,
the one thing they have in common is chicken liver.

08-23-2005, 05:26 PM
What a great thing this is i can't tell you how much i'm touched for you're son and for you doccjc you sound like a great dad and this brought back a flood of bad memorys of fishing trips with a father who was'nt so great, but thats ok i'm just glad that theres a boy out there with a dad like yourself to share one of the funnest things in life, fishin.

Guys like Ken similiar to one of my Uncles and another gentlemen who was a friend of my familys who took me under there wings and showed me how to fish, the old man who lived next door to me as a child Mr Walstead never took me( i was probably 4-5 ) fishing but when he came home from fishing i would watch him clean the fish and he would tell me how he cought them, his wife would fry up blue gill and crappie and have me over for a plate, these things stayed with me I fished my heart out growing up every chance i could but the years have gone by and i got away from it untill this year i'm 43 now, i've probably been 30 times this summer already and i feel better about life today for it, thanks Ken for helpin them.

08-27-2005, 01:06 PM
Just come across this thread,sure brought a tear to my eyes.I just couldn't hardly hold them backLOL.
Sure brought back found memory's of my child hood,even though my father was never in the best of health he still got me out fishing & when my Dad wasn't able my Uncle helped out & also got me hunting also.
Not to mention the last 16 yrs of getting my son out every chance I can since he was about 9 monthsLOL.
Big kudos to you & your son & to Ken_fishinfool for a great weekend for a father & son...