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08-05-2005, 08:41 PM
you fisherman want some good catfishing go to san pablo
resovoir either just before the sun comes up or as late as they will alowe you to fish, know i havent been there in about 5 yrs when i leaved down there in pleasant hill ca.
but we caught them in the 5 to 15 pound range using store bought chicken livers.

08-05-2005, 11:50 PM
recent catch of 15.1 lb catfish at san pablo in the sniffer paper, check it out

08-06-2005, 11:09 AM
another place that is real good for cats and im talking big cats is broines back in my teen years we would go in there at night and catch cats and large mouth bass,i had heard they finally opened it to fishing & pickniking but i havent been there for probably 20 years.
but anyways places that you can go.
rio vista bridge was allways good there are some big cats that hang around the bridge pilers,its better if you have a boat because the water runs pretty fast through there.
suisun wildlife rufuge was really good for quanity of fish with some big ones once in a while.i had heard of guy hooking big cats there while sturgeon fishing.
holland tract boat launchif you have a boat leave the marina to the east if i remember right the water will tee and you can go left or right go right follow that down about 1/4 ml. watch your depht finder there is a hole there thats about 40ft. deep it is the only hole that is that deep within a few miles of that slough park your boat and fish that hole with the smallist live gobbies you can find or the largest minnows you can get,i allways preferred gobbies they tend to get alot more active when ever the cats come around.i hope this will help you, someday im going to bring my boat down there and do some cat fishingin the delta theres not much for cat fish up here in oregon
;D ::)good luck everone and hope you catch lots of fish ;D ::)