View Full Version : Knights Landing?

07-22-2005, 08:35 AM
Thinking of going after cats at knights landing saturday night. Haven't seen any reports from that area in awhile. Anybody no if I'll be wasting my time there? Any suggestions for someplace more productive within an hour of Sacramento? Thanks in advance.. Plug-n-Jug

07-22-2005, 11:40 AM
the search button will turn up alot more then we will ;)
and i fished knights landing on thursday night with lots of trash on the bank(5 trash bags full) and a bunch of small cats.nothing big...best bet would be hit the delta, thats the ticket right now near sacramento.

Tight Lines!

07-23-2005, 12:12 AM
one word CAMANCHE...check their report at norcalfishing.com