View Full Version : Shasta Lake Public Boat Ramps

09-04-2007, 04:59 PM
Made a few phone calls today today to get a feel for the condition of the ramps on Shasta.

As you may have heard, the Centimudi ramp is difficult to negotiate. The current lake level is at about a five year low and there is a resulting build up of mud and gravel causing a bit of a hump on the uphill side and a serious drop off on the lake side. My understanding is that the lake level is so close to the end of the ramp, debris removal is hampered as there is not enough room for equipment to work. The probability is no action will be taken until the level drops low enough to blade the old track to the secondary ramp. Based on current weather, I would guess that would take another couple of weeks. However, there are always a couple of eager beavers that will pioneer a trail to a launch spot.

Another serious problem is the railing that is supposed to guide the docks up and down the ramp. They are probably about 60 years old with the anchoring points having taken a beating. The new docks, much larger and heavier than older models, are causing more stress on the rail. In fact near the current water line, the rail was uprooted and twisted. The Centimudi docks have been dragged up on the ramp.

The Jones Valley public ramp access is now in the low water mode with a two lane ramp. To add a little congestion, Jones Valley Resort is occupying the same area. You can imagine the logistics of pumping the waste water off the houseboats and having gasoline available to refuel them and fresh water available to restock the boats.

Packers Bay is pretty much in the same position as Centimudi. Packers is supposedly good to 115 feet with today's level at about 103' down, losing 5 to 8 inches a day with current conditions. I don't believe there is any low water, secondary access.

Antlers is out of the water and that dock has been floated down to the public Lakeshore ramp which is supposedly useable to about 150 feet down.

Hirz Bay ramps are closed but some folks are continuing to use a third, low water spot; it is paved but is undercut, continued use causes more damage and could be hazardous. Forest Service has tried to barricade that spot There are folks that live in Campbell Creek Cove whose only access to their cabins is via the lake.

Bailey Cove ramp closes at 50'.

There were a bunch of vehicles and trailers at Bridge Bay, a commercial ramp, over the weekend so there continues to be access at that spot.

I don't know how the other commercial resorts are getting along.

Hope to be out there Thursday and will launch at Jones Valley... Bud