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04-06-2007, 09:04 PM
So I was looking in the regs book and could not find a reason as to why you can't use barbed hooks on the American.

Does anybody know why barbed hooks aren't allowed.

04-06-2007, 09:29 PM
The general idea is to improve the survival rate of released fish. It's a debatable issue sure but as a fly fisherman, I fish only barbless. It's more for me than the fish though since I'll bury a hook in myself every now and again and it only takes once with a barbed hook to learn the lesson. I see no difference in land percentages personally and it's so much easier to remove hooks from fish (and from myself). I'm sure many will argue otherwise but once I got over the psychological fear of loosing more fish, I don't even think about it anymore.

04-06-2007, 09:30 PM
to my recall it was because of the stealhead.

04-08-2007, 11:21 AM
Barbless will sink deeper and faster !!

If you do your part, you will only loose 12% of your fish , per my
fishing trips.

I have hooked small trout and given them slack, so they could toss the hook, and still have to release them!!

I can see them for bait, when you are out for "meat" and not C&R !!

04-09-2007, 09:36 AM
Ah, the barbless hook debate. For starters it is the law in some waters. For others it is personal choice. I have heard pros on the outdoor channel say that they have proven (to themselves) that a barbless hook is better. I fish the Russian primarily and have no choice. When I fish other waters I do have a choice and do carry a couple of barbed hooks in the kit.

I was fishing at Lake Ralphine from the wall by the boathouse and hooked into two nice stockers around 14" - 16" and lost them both at the base of the wall because they shook the barbless hook.

I also was fishing up at Bullfrog pond with the kids catching sunfish. I had a couple of barbed hooks and just about turned a poor little sunfish inside out getting the hook out, not a pretty sight.

If it's the law, obey it. If it is your choice, make it. ;)

04-09-2007, 07:08 PM
I fish the upper american forks for trout and use barbless exclusively in rivers I C&R but when fishing for food I use barbed.