View Full Version : Lake Chabot 3/25 (Grand Slam!)

03-27-2007, 05:05 PM
To see the report click on the link and scroll to "Recent Reports" and you will see it. If you have any diffuculty, please let me know.


03-27-2007, 06:56 PM
Nice report. Hmm, catfish caught this early? Pretty cool. How much do you think that 21" bass weighed. Thats pretty big for a LM Bass.

03-27-2007, 08:15 PM
HeyMM your to cool man_ when are we gonna hit point pinole??? Nice website thats too cooool ;)

03-28-2007, 09:52 AM
Your website is great!!! I wish I had done that much fishing as a kid. Thanks for the reports!!!!

03-28-2007, 12:13 PM
Nice catch. Sorta reminds me when I was 8-9 years old and my dad use to take us to Lk. Chabot. I learned how to fish on that lake, especially when I was a teenager and we use to ride our bikes all over that lake, in search for fish. I have many, many good memories of past fishing adventures. One time we were 13 years old and my friend missed a curve and crashed his bike on one of the hairpin curves on the east trail. He dislocated his shoulder and had to wear a cast for 3 months. My mother still lives in the same house off of Lk. Chabot Road. Keep up the good reports!

03-30-2007, 05:44 AM
i have not been hearing any reports from chabot. i am happy some people are catching fish at chabot.
nice catch minnow magmet
tight lines everyone [smiley=fishing1.gif]

04-06-2007, 10:49 AM
lake chabot fishing is off the hook right now. This lake is always dead and now its active!