View Full Version : Trolling Wire vs. non lead core

10-08-2006, 09:00 AM
I was wondering which gets deeper trolling wire or non lead core. I use a line counter reel so the colors on lead core don't mater to much since I can always look at my line counter. I was also thinking the 10 lb test would be plenty since I usually use 6 or 8 lb. leaders. I liked the look of the Imperial Trolling Wire in 10 lb. test with a line diameter of .010 will this wire put groves in my rod guides? Will a 15lb. or 20 lb. test get deeper faster? Anyone one use braided wire vs. single strand? I will be using it for kokanee in the summer and to try and get some Donner Lake mackinaw in the fall and winter. Thanks in advance.

10-09-2006, 08:16 AM
We "old timers" used wire many moons ago; and some still do.

It will get deep, but requires a lot of "set back".........
This takes a long time to reel back in, unless you have a high
gear ratio reel !!

One of my big reels had a 9 / 1 the othe 13 / 1 passes for 100 feet
of line. With 500 feet of line out................... :o

The only other "bad thing" about wire is don't ever let it jump to
the inside of your side plate of your reel !! Keep all screws tight, so this "gap" stays minimum, to prevent this from happening.

Otherwise it is "cut & retie " time...........not fun with your line in
the water !!

To get away from the down riggers I sometimes go to a 10 oz weight
with 50 pound braid............at 1 mph.

Never used lead core for the real deep fishing....