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08-16-2006, 06:41 PM
I often send a note about my fishing experience to a local Guide, Gary Miralles. *He publishes an on-line report which is a cumulation of his recent experience. *This is what I sent to him today.

Curt, from Outdoor Adventures was kind enough to stop by and talk to me as I was prepping my boat. *He told me that the Trout had left Dry Fork and he was headed for the VFW (Pit River) Bridge. *That changed my plans so I headed for the Bridge.

I started at that large cove on the North side of the Bridge. *I got five trout, four @ 65' on the Silver/Blue Hummdinger and 1 @ 75' on the Nickle/Blue Cripplure. *No great size to brag about but they'd have been wonderful for a houseboat barbecue meal.

By the time you stopped by to say hello, I had moved on over to the Bridge for an experience of losing more fish in an hour and a half than I have ever lost in a whole day. *They were all heavy fish (aren't all the ones you lose large?). *And, they were all hooked on the Silver/Blue Hummdinger between 70 and 85'. *So I put on a new one with a fresh hook. *Finally brought in a punk 14 incher at 75".

I put on a Purple/White HD and got a nice Salmon at 85' and later got a nice Trout on the Silver/Blue HD at 75'.

Boat traffic got a little heavy so I trolled on over to Packers Bay and got a very nice 18" Trout at 75' at the mouth of the inlet.

By the way, sizes are approximate as I usually C & R and try to release the fish in the water without bringing them into the boat, especially in the summer when the fish are so deep. *And I use a 10# weight moving at about 1.5 mph; depth figures are taken from the DR meter.

I headed on down to the Dam area to work the West Side a little bit and then call it a day. *Got an 18" Trout on the Silver/Blue HD at 75'. *And later lost one on the Purple/White HD at 100'. *When I retrieved the lure, it had lost its (air brushed?) paint on the tail. *I thought the hell with it, it was late so I threw it back in. *By this time I had changed my port side to an Orange/Green HD and sent it down 100'. *POW! *Having lost so many fish earlier, I was extra careful to insure that he was hooked and that my drag was lose enough to endure a run. *Man! *It was the biggest clean Rainbow I have brought to the boat in several months--23" and dark from staying deep.

By this time is was 3:30 and I had decided to call it a day as a winner and secured the port side rod and DR when the starboard side released and another battle ensued. *This time a beautiful Eagle Lake strain Rainbow 17-19". *The lure was the damaged Purple/White HD noted earlier. *After the Eagle Lake guy got through with it, all that was left was a small purple spot and an eye on the front of the lure. *So now I don't know if he wanted a three-quarter painted lure or just a chrome lure with an eyeball. *I'll have to test that in a couple of days.

Anyway, I treated myself to a shot of Southern Comfort and headed for the ramp.

I'm cured for awhile... *Bud

08-16-2006, 08:54 PM
thanks bud.great report as usual! someday we gotta do a shot of so. co. together. ;)rat

08-17-2006, 02:39 AM
Hello Budman. I am enjoying hearing about your fish catching on Shasta. Man would I love to be there. You are catching them at a time when I have never fished there, I've only been suscessful in the fall, flat lining, but what a blast it is. What a great lake too. I hope you have alot more good trips and keep telling us about, how it went each trip. Thank's alot Kneedeep :) :) :)