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11-08-2005, 08:12 PM
We are writing to you to tell you how desperate we are to
find our Mom, Nita Mayo...

It is now 3 months since our Mom went missing in the Sierra Mountains on Highway 108....the SAME highway that Carole Sund, Julie Sund, and Silvina Palosso were murdered in 1999. (Yosemite murders). The Carole Sund Foundation has also put up a reward for the Safe Return of our Mom. Our Mother's car was found with ALL of her belongings inside, but she was no where in sight...our Mom loves and lives for her family....this IS NOT a case of her walking away from life....this is either a case of some sort medical condition that has her disoriented and not knowing who she is (though she was in PERFECT physical condition before she left...she works at a hospital as a nurse), or she was abducted. The area that her car was found in is a resort area with lots of vacationers. We NEED to get the word across the nation to people that have possibly been in the area on August 8th, 2005. People come here to vacation from all over the country. If someone saw something on that Monday....they may never know to tell us because they do not know of her disappearance. PLEASE HELP US!....WE ARE DESPERATE AND IN URGENT NEED. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. (You can also view more info about Mom at texasequusearch.org) If you have any information please call:

Tuolumne County Sheriff's Department 1-800-228-3592

Mom's website is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FindingNitaMayo/

11-09-2005, 05:13 PM
I hope this helps:


11-09-2005, 06:21 PM
as a caring person.and a person who spends a lot of time,and has family in the above mentioned erea.i want to voice my concerns and hopes that this lady will be found in good health.and be re-united with her family.please dont let this thread go away.and please help this family find their loved one.someone knows.and the truth is out there somewhere. mark

11-09-2005, 06:40 PM
Thank you both so much. I miss Mom so much and I do appreciate you putting Mom's picture on here. And you are very right in someone knows something. It's been very frustrating. But we know that Mom is alive and waiting for us.


Cindy Mayo

11-09-2005, 10:06 PM
Cindy my heart goes out to you and your family. I did see the story of your Mom's disappearance on one of the Sacramento news channels a few weeks ago. I think you are doing the right thing by keeping the message out there. Post her picture on every website you can. My prayers are with you and I hope something turns up soon. ---fish hawk

11-10-2005, 07:40 AM
I'm truely sorry about your mother and hope for a safe return. I haven't heard of this case until now, and it has me wondering, why? I would recommend trying to get more press/news coverage out there so people are aware of her disappearance. Good luck to you and your family. Tim

11-10-2005, 02:20 PM
I am very sorry about your Mother. The main thing is to never give up.
I was up at lake Alpine 3 weeks ago, I saw flyers about your Mother posted at the Lake and the store. I haven't heard anything in the news but there is some publicity out there. Try to get more TV news involved, the more people know the better. I have family up in that area also, I have emailed all this information to them so they are aware.

11-10-2005, 06:09 PM

Thank you:) I do want you all to know that we are calling and e-mailing the media everyday. On Oct 15th-16th, we were in Strawberry, California for another volunteer search for Mom. America's Most Wanted crew was out there and did shooting for both days. They seemed very happy with the outcome. If they air the show it will be late November. The main focus will be on Tim Miller from Texas equusearch then they will go into Mom's story. I say if because apparently there are many producers for the show doing different stories and the producers for Tim and Mom's story have to convince (I can't remember the name or title!) the "head person" that their story should be aired. If any of you have the time could you go to the website amw.com and click on contact and ask if they are going to air a show on Mom? Maybe that would convince them all!! Also some hopefully excellent news, a lady who works with Mom has been working diligently every day by contacting about 50 to 80 media and received a call from an editor at People magazine!! She will learn tomorrow if they will do a story on Mom. So if you could all e-mail them also. I would so appreciate it! It's a big maybe. But hey, I'll take it. I don't want to be without Mom on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can't stand the thought. I wish you all knew her personally. Such a delightful woman. She is my Mom, but she is also my dearest friend. We so need her.


Cindy Mayo

11-18-2005, 06:26 PM
Just to let you know that on Sunday, November 20th, the Fox News channel will air my brother Pete Mayo and Tim Miller talking about our Mom. If you go to Foxnews.com, then put your mouse on FNC TV without clicking, it will bring down a menu, go to Sunday without clicking, then go to lineup and click. Go down the page a bit and you will see an article about them televising Pete.