View Full Version : Slow day at Donner,,,but

08-02-2005, 04:55 PM
Hit Donner today to fish for some Kokes. They were there but not biting. Hit them with everything including a mini flat fish. Tried draging the bottom for Macs' and then wind wind came up. On the way back I marked a lot of big Macks on the highway side at 35-45 feet in 60-70 feet of water. Kicked myself for not trying that first. Oh well, I had to go to my cabin and clean up after the carpet installers. If the weather would have been better I'm sure I would have caught some nice Macs'. Going up this weekend and hitting Stampede on Sunday. Hope it's not too crowded. But if you want some Macs' they are there and they are not deep. The place to fish is from the boat ramp to the handicap pier.