View Full Version : BPS Cust Service

07-19-2005, 01:21 PM
FW is awesome at cust. service normally but when they let you down you got to love BPS.

I wanted a new transponder for my Smartcast and went to FW to get one and they said they didn't have any in and I should go on line and buy one from hummingbird... No offer to get one in for me and have it ready wehn I picked up my reel repair.

Big help guys, so I went to BPS ordered one and a couple of packs of 1/32 jig heads with a #6 hook for shad. the #6 hook is the ticket guys, bigger gap = more hook ups...

My order came in today and no transponder. Called BPS and they researched and saw that I tried to order it and some how it got knocked off the order and I wasn't charged. They offered to send it with no shipping and a nice "we don't know what happend but sorry and no shipping charge"

FW guys are great but BPS is too!

can't wait until 07 and the new BPS store in Manteca. Sorry FW it was only a matter of time for NorCal to get one, too bad it is in your back yard. Kind of like Starbucks moving in across the street from mocha Moe's it was bound to happen.

tight lines