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Team Mc Fishing
11-27-2009, 04:34 PM
I have a 520c on the dash and 510c on the bow. I have them connected through the Lowrance network and if I adjust the screen display brightness on one it affects the other one so I know they are linked. I am wondering if I can split screen the units to view both the front 510c view from the Minn Kota universal transducer and th 520c transducer that is mounted on my transom so I can view 2 views at once from either screen. I bought these before the newer HD units and will probably upgrade but not right away. I want to do this for both Striper and Sturgeon fishing the Delta and also for my drop shotting worms for deep bass fishing so I can see a wider field of view from the front and rear of the boat which is 21 feet apart. Any one who has experience setting these units up to function well together I would appreciate the info.


11-28-2009, 02:55 AM
No, the sonar source will be only one or the other trandsucer, not both.* *
There are two networks on the Lowrance units.* One is to share the GPS, engine, fuel flow and other data and the other is to share the Sonar data.* Assuming that you have both networks connected, the sonar source setting will only allow one of the two transducers.* One will be local the other the remote unit.*

For example, if your at the dash and selecting the sonar source you should see local as one selection.* This would be for the transducer connected to the 520c.* The second source should be listed as ...(510c).*

To get to the sonar source selection.* Have the sonar side of the screen active or have the full screen sonar display displayed, then hit menu once.* At the bottom of the menu listing you should see a selection sonar source.* Highlight it and press enter then you should see local or (510c) On that screen you can only select one option.*

If you don't have the yellow Enet network connected you won't be able to share the sonar data.* I believe that the reason for the two networks is that there is too much data for one network to handle so the sonar was split off and put on it's own network.*

Team Mc Fishing
11-28-2009, 03:11 AM
Ok thanks for explaining it to me so I could make sure I read the manuals correctly. I hope that before too long I might be able to switch to the newer HD series of Lowrance. I want to make sure they work the bugs out of stuff when it first comes out. I am not one to buy something at the higher price when its new and then try to work through the first glitches in the system.