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06-07-2009, 08:44 PM
I was fishing in the Pacific ocean Saturday, hunting stripers; the same stripers - I was told - that were slamming into the rocks in a feeding frenzy, ready to take my hook... didn't happen... I fished in a secret place few people know about, only the locals... my 'local' friends in that neighborhood, the ones who would much rather eat a pork chop than a fish are the same guys who would also kill me if I told you where I was fishing... the same special secret spot they showed me after a long night and many beers.

I had one day for stripers this trip. The moon was nearing full but the tides were right and I had one shot for nailing a surf-striper before I had to head home to the mountains.

That was Saturday morning...

I would have been happy with a couple of perch, but that wasn't happening, either... and maybe that was the clue I should have recognized?

I knew the stripers were hitting both north and south of where I chose to fish... But!!... thinking on my own like a fool... the day I had available to fish I picked a section of the surf in the middle of where I was told would be good places to fish, a location I know stripers like to hang out, sometimes....

I was wrong and the Gods were not with me.

I walked and walked, busting through the surf and working every hole I found for a full two miles north of where I started, talking to every fisherman I ran into and nobody was catching. For four and a half hours I worked top water with poppers and spooks sliding down the waves. I worked the middle water with broken-backs and the bottom with hair-razors and my favorite Kastmaster. All for nothing. I got to the end of that ass-busting two mile workout and sat on a washed-up log, sitting there chewing on some old jerky that had been hanging around my fishing bag long enough to taste like an old sock. I had a smoke and sat there wondering if it was just me having a bad day; thinking all the time those other guys were lying and I was the only one sucking air... somebody had to be catching fish?

I put out my last cigarette, stuck the butt in my pocket and turned around and reworked every hole on the way back south and talked again to every fisherman I talked to the first time I went thru their fishing holes and the answer was the same... nodda. Nothing... I even snuck a look at what they had in their bags on the beach and there was no sign of fish...

I don't think they were lying.

Later, much later, like four and a half hours of busting thru surf and slogging up and down sand dunes later, sitting on the tailgate of my truck, I smiled and knew the day wasn't a total loss. The whole day was T-shirt weather and the sea was flat; a gentle wind, broken clouds, clear views to the horizon... and waves a board rider would hate and a fisherman loves. I had two encounters with sunbathing sea lions telling me to stand clear of their picnic area. And I watched two pods of Orcas swim by just outside the break with pelicans coasting in the air above their wake. A day like that doesn't get any better for this Sierra mountain guy... except maybe catching a striper!!!

Sometimes it's just pure blind luck, an act of God, especially so if you don't know the water you're fishing... I'm just hoping that either God or one of the guys I know down there will help me catch a surf-striper the next time I get a chance to fish that area... like in about two weeks?

P.S. I promise to listen next time. [smiley=suesscat.gif]

06-07-2009, 08:52 PM
Nice Report Frank......your day will come, last weekend put_em_back and I were able to put a good friend on fish for the first time, this guy had been hammering the beach for 5 years and never got a hook up, last weekend he whacked em, big time.

06-07-2009, 09:36 PM
nice report.. i wish i would have been there to hang out and see the orcas.. taking in the moon, the tides and wind.. as the story goes.. full moons in the past.. i know the times and know better but i fished the times i could Saturday anyway.. * a few hours over a couple different tide changes. i seen 2 fish.. i didn't even get a follow.. lots of weeds in the water from the wind and it was blowing.. the fish shut down.. i decided to sleep in today. then i went over to a friends house and turned some AYC on his new lathe..

06-08-2009, 05:45 AM
Great report. I visualized a Mickey Spillane private eye mystery movie in search of a killer and got leads from various shady characters that ended up empty :-/.

At least you got a lot of exercise that night. :D.

06-09-2009, 07:59 PM
There is always something cool about picking your own spot for the day. It could have turned out different and you nailed them and the other guys got skunked. You just never know. Sounds like you had fun trying and that is what it is all about. 8-) Surf fishing isn't easy and sometimes I hear people say fishing isn't a sport. Im sure they would get a work out trying to figure out how to get there first surf striper. ;D

06-09-2009, 09:09 PM
took me a while to read your post there. sounds like you got your week's workout already. i too saw an orca that sunday along the beaches but what really amazed me was how flat the sea was. i mean from beach to beach it was flat.

you said you would have been happy with a couple of perch? did you try catching them cause i saw quite a few perch being pulled out of the surf.