View Full Version : Suisun Bay Sturgeon Not Friday Feb 15 2008

02-16-2008, 06:01 PM
My lucky dog, Spike, and I went out for sturgeon. We launched at Belden Landing. 6.5 hours, 21 miles, one 7# striper, released and one 12 flounder, released. Water 48.5*, dirty, some debris in the water; air 45-68*; sky clear; wind 0-3 mph. We fished above the Mothball Fleet all day. I fished 3 hours on an incoming, 0.5 hour slack and 3.5 hours of an outgoing tide. I used ghost/grass shrimp all day, had a lot of junk bites/bait cleaned hooks. I heard very little radio traffic. Another beautiful day on the water, sunny, no wind, 5-10 miles visibility. Thanks for the company Spike.