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Dan Bacher
11-10-2007, 03:42 PM
To: *Water4Fish Supporters

This report is an update on the Water4Fish advocacy program. *The purpose of this program is use grassroots political action to reverse the severe fisheries damage done in the last few years particularly in the California delta and in the Klamath River.

In October nearly 1,000 new email letters were sent to state and federal political leaders. *This brings the total year to date letters and petitions sent to 16,500. *We continue to hammer these figures in every political forum possible. *They were recently presented to the California Senate resources committee in hearings on the proposed water bonds.

We have deep concerns about the negative fish impacts of the governor's water plan now being negotiated with the Legislature. *We are therefore stepping up our efforts to get many thousands of additional fishermen to go online and send letters. *Three new programs are underway.
1. *We are releasing monthly email flyers fishermen can forward to friends and associates asking for support.
2. *Bob Mellinger, one of our new volunteers, is contacting fishing groups and businesses asking for more support.
3. *We are working on the system that will allow us to email the fishermen who have already participated and sent 10,000 letters. *We will ask them for more help.

We welcome several new groups that have signed on as petition supporters
Fish'n Dan's Guide Service
Golden Gate Fishermen's Association
Salty Lady Sportfishing

Dick Pool
For the Coordinating Committee *

11-11-2007, 07:09 PM
Below is the "reply" I got from our idiot Governor, the great "environmentalist". We all know what the gist of the Water4fish message was, however Arnie had no clue...

Thank you for your e-mail on native fish run protection. I appreciate hearing from constituents who are concerned about protecting California's environment.
California is known around the world for its incredible beaches, magnificent natural parks and beautiful sky. Our state has been a leader in protecting and managing these resources for the past half century. I want you to know that I am committed to ensuring that all natural resources are protected and maintained so that Californians can continue to enjoy these treasures.

Since coming into office, I have created an ocean protection plan to protect our coastline against offshore drilling and improve the water quality of our ocean. In addition, I established the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, which is the largest conservancy
in California, preserving and protecting 25 million acres in the Sierra Nevada range.

To further protect California's environment, I will continue to support the Clean Air Act to help reduce the amount of air pollution in our state. And because some of the biggest contributors to air pollution are the vehicles on the road, I created the "Breathe Easier" campaign to buy the dirtiest old cars and scrap them, allowing motorists to purchase cleaner cars instead.

Our future is in biofuels and hydrogen, not polluting petroleum fuels. That's why I created the California Hydrogen Highway, and we now have dozens of hydrogen fueling stations across the state and many hydrogen cars and buses on the road.
I also have supported the development of solar and wind technologies to promote clean and safe sources of energy.

Again, thank you for writing to me. It is heartening to know that Californians Care about the future of our Golden State.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Jeeez! Not one word about water for our fisheries...
Thank You Arnold, it's nice to know you are managing our public trust resources into oblivion....

Dan Bacher
11-12-2007, 07:38 AM
That's obviously a generic form letter that Schwarzenegger sends out as a reply to letters on any environmental issue. With all of the bad press about the Delta pelagic organism decline and his plan for the peripheral canal, you at least think his handlers would write a form letter that addresses these critical issues. How disgusting! *

11-12-2007, 12:50 PM
you wanna hear somethin funny?

my wife works for a state agency, she tells me every time he comes in to say "hi" and "thank you for your support" nobody comes out of their cubicle to shake his hand or say hi. they just pop their heads up, see its him and sit right back down.

thats hilarious! sad, but still hella funny.

11-12-2007, 04:02 PM
man i am bummed.. i thought i was speciall and the only one that he sent that reply to.. get in the choppa!! get dowwwn!!