View Full Version : Global Cooling!

09-26-2007, 08:36 AM
I was watching a Documentary a few week ago that showed another effect of CO2. They called it Global Cooling. They said in fact that the earth temperture would being increase twice as fast as it is now if the CO2 layery was not acting as a blanket and reflecting half the heat away. They said if we get raid of the pollutian we are targeting we could see an even fast raise in the temp. They also talked about jet exhaust. They measured the vapor trail for years and for the three days after 9-11 where there were no flights they notice a dip in temp. They also talked about how polluted clouds hold more water because the vapor clinks to the pollutian more then a regular cloud. Thus less rain fall. They showed this as they effect of ethopidian drought in the 80s. They said it was directly relate to the Fastory on the East Coast of America. They pass some act and to reduce pulutant and in a few years it was raining again. Just some food for thought.