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01-25-2008, 07:06 AM
I know that this probably is not the right board for this topic, but i would like as much imput as possible! ;D

To start things off i have had my boat.. a 72 glasspar, for about four years now, and in the last two my dad has tried to convince me to sell my boat. To his dismay, i have not sold the ugly duckling due to the fact that there is nothing but cosmetics wrong with it, i never really saw his point in buggin me about it!! [smiley=boxing.gif]

Twords the end of this last summer, i found out why, that bugger baught a new to him 21 ft Blue Water. it has a small cuddy and it even has small sink, icebox and even a little stove on it, honestly its a very Nice boat. I keep tryin to talk him into going sturgeon fishing, but everytime we get a chance, the weather looks a little to wet and cold for him and he not so much of a die hard like some of us out there!! 8-)

Well low and behold barely six months later he already has "Two-Foot-Idus" I spoke with some perfetionals and they say that it is curable in time ;) So we have been looking at boats online to get an idea of what would siut him and "me" if i do get to take it every once in awhile, if i beg and pleed enough!! :D :D He sems to be leaning twards a bayliner cruiser to to the fact he wants more "liveable space", wich makes sence, my mom and him want to be able to go out for trips that are maybe week at time or so, i was wondering if THE WELL KNOLEDGEABLE CREW OVER HERE AT SNIFF BOARDS could offer some imput or advise as to what might be a good idea for a multipourpose type boat. I have copied the link to what he is lookin at, i believe the price range is between 90 and 110 + or -, and i think he likes this because of the waranty program and service they offer, once again thank you to all great knolledgeable ones and hope everyone is having a great new sturgie year!! ;D 8-)

http://international.bayliner.com/cruisers.asp?modelid=104499&year=2008&reqtype=1,9, 23

01-25-2008, 09:01 AM
Fishin Adiction

Well, that Bayliner is a nice looking boat and looks as though it would be very nice to sleep in over night. But, It doesn't give you much fishing room not to mention I'm not sure that I would want to get any slime on that beautiful upholstery. Are you looking for something in Fiberglass, or would you consider aluminum?

There are a lot of nice aluminum boats out there that would serve your purpose very well, ie: nice quarters to stay in overnight w/ all the amenities, plus plenty of fishing room.

During the Sac. ISE show there were a few nice boats there. For example, in Glass there was Parker boats (very, very nice) and in Aluminum there was North River O/S and a few others. All were very nice and would fit into your budget. (Based on the price of the Bayliner shown)

When making a purchase of that size you difinitely want to do your research.

Good Luck


01-25-2008, 09:18 AM
I do like the alluminum but they just not as nice inside the cuddy as wanted, is it possible to get the best of both worlds? i also like the parkers, but they dont show pics of inside and i guess i go to dealer for pricing?? i wish i had walked through the boats at the ise show, but friends that went with spent a lot of time in hunting side and walked through the fishing side briefly... >:( >:( >:( i didnt drive so when they were done, well they were done, stuff happens i guess. i do like both of them and i know what you mean, i dont want to get the boat all slimey either, but it is a boat, right, i should be able to wash it off with soap and water, but i have had plenty of sherk days in the bay and had to spend the next day scrubbin blood bait and all sorts off the backside!! it is what it is i guess, in the heat of the moment i notice that u just dont care!! I brought a five foot leapard shark in my boat, it was at night and needed to see better, but after the rolin around and thrashin it did, wasnt such a good idea after all, that pig was a beast to wrastle with!! :o

01-25-2008, 09:20 AM
That Bayliner would be a good boat for your parents to spend weekends on. That's what I'll say about that boat. There's no reason why you can't let an occasional dino hit the deck. If you're gonna just do normal delta stuff you need a cuddy and a potty. Those are the only requirements I had when I bought mine. Most fishing boats, however, even Pro-Line, Trophy, Striper, etc.. won't quite have the comforts that "weekenders" might expect.

Is it gonna be a fishing boat?


Or a sometimes goes fishing boat? Do you wanna trailer it or will it be berthed? If it's gonna have fish on the deck, I highly recommend a fiberglass deck instead of carpet.. oh, and upholstery isn't too good with hooks, knives, bait, guts, and blood.. just something to consider!

01-25-2008, 09:30 AM
it is probably going to start out as a sometimes go fishing boat, i think all i need to do is get him out more often for fishing, and i can change his mind, shoot he is the one who got me into fishing, when i was a kid we used to go all the time, untill he got his and we went out for salmon, he hadnt gone in years!!

Yes it would be berthed since he doesnt have a truck big enough to pull,,, yet,,, but i could pull with my suburban, have talked about trailering to big lakes around, even talked about going to havasue (think spelled wrong) for getting all uncles and cousins together again for family reunion and such, i do like the one in the picture, who makes that one? And yes you are right about the seats not being able to stand up to the test, i should show you my back seat, going to redu this summer, think i am going to make it reversable to have a solid surface to stand and stuff of that nature.. thanks for your imput


01-25-2008, 09:32 AM
Hey Fishin'...this ain't gonna help you in your quest but...

If some folks think your "Ugly Duckling" is bad, they should see my '58 Skagit Offshore Cuddy! NOW that's UGLY (capitals intended!!). But I can't bring myself to trade or sell it (for what maybe $1000 IF I'm lucky?) 'cuz the darned thing is tuned perfectly and catches too many fish!
Hard to get another boat if the one you got keeps performing...right?? I do wish it was a couple of feet smaller though.

OOPs...it 0930, time to go catch another salmon, I'm outta here for now,good luck in your quest!
Terry B.

01-25-2008, 09:37 AM
i hear ya wood2turn!! the only thing about mine is that it gettin to need a carb rebiuld and i not so sure i want to tackle it since it has three in sincro, if i had a manual it be easier, i think its a 82 or 84 mercury 90 hrs, if anyone has one het me up

01-25-2008, 11:16 AM
Fishin Addiction, the boat picture that Donzi sent you was a Seaswirl 2901Wa. Very nice boat, I have a much smaller seaswirl 21' Striper. Hope the info helps.

Seaswirl 2901WA

Length 29'8"
Beam 10'5"
Fuel Capacity 239(outboard)
Hull Weight 10,000

01-25-2008, 11:34 AM
Here is one I saw on CL, its got good sleeping and inside cabin room a nice fly bridge and a nice cockpit (hope I can say that) for getting bloody.Kind of like FK's old boat.The best of both worlds IMHO.My parents have a similar boat except its 38' and I freakin love it!! The one your dad is looking at is more of a sport model I think.Good luck and keep us posted.


01-25-2008, 03:21 PM
The Radar arch (wing) on the Bayliner will ALWAYS get in the way of hook-sets!!!!!!!!!!!

01-26-2008, 09:04 AM
my advice, "go big"! you wont find anything that fits on a trailer that you will be comfortable on for more than a weekend. and those new cruisers have no fishing room!! i have a older 32' luhrs sport fisher that i use for fishing in the winter and playing at the beach with our wave runners in the summer. *me and my wife/kids stayed in it at mandeville for 6 days this year for the fourth of july. it was great fun but a little crowded.
my point is, I wish it was 40'. I fish 4 guys on it regularly but if I take 5 some one has to fish on the flying bridge..I keep it at pittsburg in a covered birth and it costs 4k a year in slip rent/insurance/taxes. the monthly diffrence between a 32' and a 40' is minimal. so why not look into something with all the comforts of home!!! wish I had a hot shower in the morning or a fat plasma and a couch for slack tide... then again I probably wouldnt catch many fish if I was on the couch!!!! *lol there are plenty of deals to be had on older fiberglass boats. I cant believe how many really nice boats are on my dock that never move!!!! hell I just saw a boat like mine on craigslist few weeks ago for 20k. dont see why you couldn't get a really nice bigger one for 30-40k. and that lil bayliner is probably what 150-200k?

well good luck and let us know what u end up with..

p.s. stay away from older (70-86) bayliners and fiberforms they are notorious for dry rotted stringers and decks

01-26-2008, 09:35 AM
thankf for the info on the slip bigdaddy90! *thats awsome, thats a big portion of what size to get, i understand what you mean, i have pulled into the marina on numerous times fishin the ugly duckling, comin in for gas, and mad, i sometimes catch myself in ahw, but then i snap back out of it and say, bet i use mine a hella lot more than they ever will! HA *it reminds me of when i was young and my grandpa had his 32 sliped up in or on the columbia riv by airport, just a lot of nice boats in the yaht club, the cool thing about there is that most of them had a house on river that the boat parks in, drive down alley, hit garradge door opener like u was in ur car, bay dors open, pull in tie her off and shut the doors, go inside to the one bedroom appt. *dude it was the coolest things since sliced bread in my mind still today, it was a community or somethin, everyone had one exept the 50 fters they just tied up on the end.. what do they need a house for, they gat a nice one already!! *can you write the taxes off on your slip like you can on your boat as a second home?? *I know that if you have a stve and a potty and sink i believe it qualifies as a second home, like a fithwwheel, so does the cost of storage count for tax season??? thanks again for the info..
*And as far as when, it hurts to say, but probably wont be untill next yr unless we find a killer deal on somethin, i don't think he wants to get used cause he wants waranty, and i believe the bayliner otioned out like he wanted was going to be $110,000, and right now they are offering a deal on their boats, i believe in that size they are offering $8,500, but that still dont cover all the upgrades, think it was like 70 or 80 stock.. *A lot of boats offer a "TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY" i not so sure about it, has any one had probs with this stuff?? *I wish i could talk him into a couple of alluminum jet/river style, somethin about racin eachother up and down riv would just be fun as hell when fishin just flat out sucks!! but it is HIS baby, so just go with it and help out as much as possible, then beg like a mothaf...a to take her out *[smiley=worthy.gif]

01-26-2008, 09:58 AM
yeah you can write off the slip and insurance, that totals out to like $3500 for me. but get this those bas**rds charge property tax on the boat and the slip seperately!!! weird deal, I guess the fact that I lease the dock space means I have to pay taxes on it!!!wtf it is only like $20/year but hell that is a pound of grass shrimp!!!!
I have a fatty ins. policy it is almost like a warrantee. covers drive train and electronics and towing. but I never use it, something breaks I just fix it. but if im in the back of honker or grizzly and hit something thats when it will will pay off.

all this boat talk is making me fishy. I think i'll go get some bait, untie the hooker 2, and do a little scouting before the derby.


01-26-2008, 11:23 AM
hey know thats sucks i got a hour and half tow for that, let me know how you did, i fishin that area too for derby, guys got a nice one straight across the main channel just up from pge last time i was down there, they little tipsy and didnt share what they cought on, but still really nice fish, real close to 60 from my guess oh and my dream boat.. just will they let me buy it????

http://img122.imageshack.us/img122/2770/funoo4.th.jpg (http://img122.imageshack.us/my.php?image=funoo4.jpg)

01-26-2008, 01:11 PM

Don't kid yourself "GLASSPAR" made a H$ll of a boat. They were the Cadilac of the industry in the 50s and early 60s My dad bought a new one in 62. He paid $2,900.00 forit.It had a 75 horse Evendrude on it and it came with a trailer. That was a lot of money to pay for a boat in those days. I think Larson boats in Wasington bought them out in the 60s.
I personally don't care for the Bayliner you are looking at. To high off the water in the back, not enough room for fishing and your gear, To far from your rods for Sturgeon fishing. Many things I don't like for my use. Looks more like a GIRLIE boat or a cruisen boat to me.

Right now with the economy the way t is, I would be checking the banks for REPO'S They are loaded with them. See if you can find what you all will like for what you can afford to buy. Just a thought if you have time to do it.
I personally look at the size of the cockpit(fishing area) How high is it off the water, Motor, Hours on the motor. Electronics, size, some have a lot of extras you may never use Stove example. They usually rattle and make noise so I take them off.
Just my thought and what I like. Do what makes you happy.

01-26-2008, 01:58 PM
I purposely bought a smaller trailerable boat for the wife and I to fish the bay, delta and in land lakes. *In outfitting this boat, I've bought but have yet mounted an 8 hp 4 stroke kicker, kicker plate, connecting rod, and so on. *Then looking at the boat, I'm thinking of the pain in loading and unloading the differert tackle for Delta and lake fishing. Not to mention forgetting a crucial rig back at home and not discovering it until you're already in the water rigging you lines *:-[ .

Long story short, I'm now keeping an eye out for a center console 14'-16' aluminum boat for trolling the lakes.

IMO, to fish, cruise and be comfortable, one boat is not enough *:D. *

01-26-2008, 03:01 PM
thanks rich, it feels good when others appreciate the "OLD SCHOOL". and the way i see it, at least i can and do get out there as much as i can, shoot even livin in sac i usually hit pitsburg at least once a month! I to dont really like the bayliner thats why i pushin him away and tryin to show him other more useable boats that still offer same comfort on the inside...
man I sure do like the Albin sport fisher that the Lucky strike uses, its a beauty, found their website, they got some really nice boats but they want my info for a price, i get quote, they call all time and try to get to bite, along with a lot of other website, they show you boat, then want to much info and have to wait to get salesman to call back, i know they can give a range, i just dont want to give all that out, i hate the battle you get with them just so they can cal you their friend or buddy!!

ANd thanks for the idea of the repos, never thought that route, shoot the house right next door to parents was a repo, and come to think of it, they had an auction around the corner... good call my bro,, good call! ;)

01-27-2008, 11:45 AM
Let me add my 2 cents as I own a Bayliner cruiser.....

I bought a 2858 Ciera (cabin cruiser) 3 years ago (currently in dry dock for repairs)& have not regreted it yet. It is a great weekend boat & fishing boat, for a small crew. I have found that more than 3 fisher people can get a little crowded on the boat for fishing. I have had 5 people fishing on the boat on 2 different occasions & yes in was a cluster f&$k. I have also had 8 people on the "Beast" for outtings on the river with no problems. As long your are not fishing. I have a trailer for the "Beast" & have taken it to Tahoe for a long weekend. Also down to Half Moon Bay for a day of tune fishing. With all that said it is bit#h to load on a trailer by yourself but it can be done. If you have questions PM me. Lots of pros & cons of a big boat.