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01-14-2008, 09:28 AM
Launched out of Redwood City @ 7am on Saturday and looked for a spot just outside the markers. Didn't mark anything interesting, so we headed over to the Dumbarton area. Dropped it in 26' just south of the old rail bridge. There were quite a few boats in the area, so I tried Ch68...no response. Oh well.
We started out with a few shots, then a couple of small leopards, and a croaker (1st one we've ever caught in the south bay). More shots. Then we got a small ray. Then a bigger ray.
We started talking about moving, when my dad's friend gets a lice little pull, and I tell him to pick up the pole. I watch as the tip nods one more time, and yell at him to swing. He sets it and it's fish on! He's using a big spinning reel, with maybe 100 yards of string rated to 80 lbs and a completely non-functioning drag.
He tries to horse the fish in, but for the first 5 minutes neither him nor the fish gain any ground. He's well aware of his lack of line, so he's putting his all into getting the fish to the boat. Finally the fish starts coming towards us and ends up going right under the boat, and then planting itself firmly on the bottom. We sat and watched a whole lot of nothing going on for another couple of minutes. Finally there was movement, and I went for the net. My dad was saying I should grab the snare, but I figured we couldn't afford to miss and have the fish go for another run. When it came up, I kinda started to second-guess my decision, but it was too late at that point. It wasn't easy, but we got him partially in the net, and in the boat he went.
We measured him out at 57.5" so he got a neon green tag and on the rope he went.
I am truly amazed that the line held together with absolutely no drag-slip. Guess he ties good knots too.
So we settle down, and just in time to watch my dad hook into something nice. My dad has yet to catch a keeper, and he's been at it for 6 years. It's a very nice fight with 2 good runs, and when we get it to the boat, my dad instantly announces it as a shaker. I am not so certain as we get it in the boat. We had a few passes at measuring him, but the best we came up with is 45 and 3/4
My dad did NOT want to let it go, but I told him it was for the best.

We were on the water till 5 and had a few more bites but no hookups. Overall I think it was a great day. Gorgeous weather, good food, plenty of liquor, and we didn't go home empty-handed.

Bait was ghost/herring with pro-cure herring gel. The bigger sturgeon took the herring, and the smaller came on ghost.

As is our tradition, we got together a group of ~16 people the next day, and feasted on sturgeon until it was but a good memory. Smoked is still my favorite.
We also tried BBQing the wings from one of the rays, and we were very pleasantly surprised. Between the taste and the texture, I would have to say it was like a mix of crab and chicken. Cricken! Or crab wings. =)

Pictures coming later tonight.


01-14-2008, 02:00 PM
Good job on the keeper there SPORTcoupe!!!
I had been fishing there for the past year with mostly hit and misses.
I was planning to go out on Saturday but my bro. got a bad cold…my cousin and I want to catch a fish not his cold :P.
Mike (Hawiianhooker) told me, he prefer to fish there on a strong 6’ tide or more and plus with sick bro. we decide to try it out this weekend after he get better.

01-18-2008, 08:42 AM
Thanks FT. I like the south bay because of it's proximity to my house. Wish there was a decent pier to fish from...I'd be there every other day.
Hope your brother gets better, and you get onto some fish!

I finally got around to uploading the pictures...better late than never, right?

My dad's 45 3/4":

57 1/2" landed in the net:

This guy was stoked:

You can almost give it a kiss:

Can't wait to go again next weekend.


01-18-2008, 01:30 PM
Nice and fat! Even the undersize one too!
You can fish on the eastside of Dumbarton Bridge (from Freemont) but I heard there not a whole lot of room b/c lot of people fished there during sturgeon season.
My brother got better and instead of hitting the Dumbarton tomorrow, he wants to head out to Suisun Bay tonight to fish over night.
I live in San Jose and Dumbarton is also closer for us and I really like fishing there b/c I haven’t got my first fish there yet, but I guess since we didn’t catch any fish there last year my bro. think we have a better chance on the Delta to get one tag on this year!

Good Luck out there if you go out!
Thanks for sharing the pix Alan!


01-18-2008, 04:07 PM
There's fish throughout the system...it's just a matter of finding them.
Do you know if the Dumbarton pier stays open through the night?


01-18-2008, 04:42 PM
Yeah, I know during the winter time they're here in the Bay b/c I use to do a lot of shore fishing for them before. We didn't have a fishfinder last year. My bro. like the Delta b/c you can spent the night there :-/.

Do you know if the Dumbarton pier stays open through the night?

I never been on there before so I can’t tell you my current information is 100% correct but my friend told me the gate open at sunrise and close at sunset.
Your best shot at a good spot is to get there early morning right after they’re open.
I always see people fishing there in the afternoon or later in the day when we’re heading back to the dock but not so much people in the morning.

Good Luck!