View Full Version : Stolen Wooden Surf Plugs

10-27-2005, 10:12 AM
Please keep your eyes peeled for Custom Wooden Surf Plugs. They were stolen from my front porch yesterday between 1:14PM and 5:00PM These plugs are very rare in this area.

Description of the Plugs.

Builder- Mike Fixter
1) 7" White/Redhead 2.5oz-Pencil Popper
1) 7" Yellow/Redhead 2.5oz-Pencil Popper
1) 7" White/Redhead 3.0oz- "Bomb" Plug- This plug is Extremely Rare.

Builder- GIBBS
4) Gibbs 7" Darter Plugs, color- Yellow,Parrot,Bunker,Black and Purple also known as "Blurple"

Like i said. these are rare in Sacramento and Elk Grove area. Please if you have any information or seen these plugs anywhere, I don't really care about the GIBBS, I'd like to get back at least the Mike Fixter Plugs. Contact me at 916-524-7317.

Thank You,