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05-30-2006, 11:17 PM
Thanks too everyone on these boards my first year fishing the crystal basin lakes has been AWESOME. *I've been spongin' information from all the adventures I get to read about on this board. This last year Ive been able too C&R a bunch of fish from these lakes thanks to you. *Now on to Memorial day.... or the night before my first Mack Attack.
Sunday 11:03 am... Wake up groggy... Gotta Get the boat ready... DJ'd a wedding the night before(my biz)... Gotta get the boat and tackle ready for this years maiden voyage... Did I say I have a 10 month old son? Ya maiden voyage this year. I set out cleaning.
Since I couldn't fish this year yet.. I bought mack gear. The BIG stuff! A/C plugs , F-18'S, Castaics, Strike Kings, T-55, K-15's, Lucky Craft, M.S. Slammers no Pikies Yet... *Kinda against my style, but I read big lures= big fish FEED 'EM WOOD!!
Lookin' at my puny cannon mini trolls *I'm thinking about Doc's black box and electrical currents.. whoa.. no zincs on my 14' Klamath.....
Cheap depth finder.. no lowrance.. oh no! *(booming music in the background as I panic). Stay focused ..Just go fishing..
9:30 pm *Trip To WalMart (yuck) need new line. Capt. Ken said 8lb. so I get some new fluorocarbon to try. I get everything else loaded, *and I'm ready to strip and fill the reels by 1am. So I put all the line on, *then proceed to tie the leaders. I soon notice that my new Yo-Zuri line is a polymer...oop I read thats bad ..too late now lets tie the leaders. First knot snaps..PLINK..PLINK again.How do you tie this stuff?? Back To The Boards. *2:00 am.. ME... Yo-Zuri... A Duolock.. And the computer...
I Finally find a knot that works. Print it , put it in the boat, set the alarm to 4:30 and go to bed.
4:30 am. *BUZZZZ... yuck.. Doc said someting about the moon phases and the best time to catch fish could be in the afternoon.. Hmmm. Works for me. I'm Sleeping in.
8:00 am .. Wake up.. Gas up.. on the water by 10:00am.
All Rightie Then... someone posted about some sunken island lets find it . *Maybe Captain Morgan could be of help? 70 FT. of water and rocks!! with maybe some fish being spotted on my El Cheapo portable Eagle. *Ed said to find one location and learn it inside and out and you will have 150% more success. This looks like my spot.
* Lower the baby riggers with my A/c on one and a Lucky Craft on the other, both rainbow pattern. These are much faster to rig than bait and dodgers, so I use plugs first. Dad always said "If your lure aint in the water.. You aint going to catch a Fish." As I'm trying to troll fast enough, my little downrigger ball is almost skipping on the surface and the release pops right off. Bad Luck right outta the gate. So I change tatics.. Slow down.. dam no speedo?? So I hook on a shiny new rainbow Kwik fish and splooge it with some Krill Gel. The stuff sticks to everything, like liquid napalm.. and I have no rags. I figure if you're gonna catch fish, you might as well smell like one. The other rod gets bait and a dodger. *I'm now trolling and underway.. the balls are "Bangin and Slammin' the bottom"That's what krazy says to do.
* *A friendly troller passes by me in one of those fancy shiny floating palaces, and gives me the universal sign language of the fisherman
for "Got Any". I give hime the double thumbs down and we exchange hopeful shrugs..
* *I turn back around ..and my pole is doubled in half.. YAHOO FISH ON!
PUT THE MOTOR IN NEUTRAL AND GRAB THE ROD.. He feels huge.. ripping around on the bottom!!..It's the rod with bait. My first 45 min. of Mack fishing and I got one! I give the other boat a big thumbs up as I'm yelling like a kid on a roller coaster. My minds racing with pics of Capt Ken"s huge fish hes caught the last few weeks. Maybe this is MY 20lber. As I gain some ground on him he zooms back to the bottom. I love it. Then I notice my two downriggers out..... My Kwik fish is now floating to the surface on my side of the boat.. Are my new knot tying skills worth a ****? *My 8ft. collapsable net is sitting in a pile of reels..This fish is big..the other boat is watching me(booming music in the background)
I'm now panicked as the three ring circus begins. After what seems like an etrnity of untangling, falling,reeling downriggers with one hand and the pole between my legs, cussing, fighting the monster, and worrying, *I finally net my first Mack Daddy.
Ok my monster was only 3lb... well 2.8... but to me it might as well been 28. I held my fish up twards other boat full of smiles, and noticed a sign on the side of the boat? "Are you Capt. Ken?!!" Iyelled. *"Yep" I started yelling "Thanks youre my hero I caught this becaus of you ". I'm sure I sounded kinda dumb, but I was grateful for the knowledge and I was 'in the moment'. *I trolled the rest of the day with a smile ear to ear re-living the moment.
*Sorry if I mis quoted anyone here, I just would like to share the info I have learned on this board so others can share a day like mine..Going back wed, thur, fri, before work on sat/sun. Thanks to all the sniffers. Sorry no pics yet I'm Learnin. looks kinda wierd on preview sorry dont know what I did. *

05-31-2006, 04:39 AM
This will go down as one of the greatest "first" post ever. Don't hold anything back, let us know how you're feeling ;D ;D ;D Welcome to the boards "fusion fishing". Just reading this I felt that you have been gleening imformation for a while, glad you finally joined in ;) :D 8-) What took you so long?

05-31-2006, 06:04 AM
FANTASTIC...what a great post, great way to start my day. Thanks


05-31-2006, 06:33 AM
fusion fishing, welcome to the club. You are a post hero. Thanks for the vivid description. I felt like I was tying knots with you and then untangling the net. Big Macs and Great Posts, I know you'll have them.

MM 8-) ;D 8-)

05-31-2006, 06:54 AM
LMAO, fusion fishing... Most of us can relate to your story. It brought back fond memories. Great 1st post. 8-)

05-31-2006, 07:09 AM
fusion fishing
Great story, as MM said; I too felt like I was trying to untangle the net to get that "hog" in the boat. :D
Get post, hope we see more.

05-31-2006, 08:07 AM
Welcome to the boards. Great story! I think most of us can relate to the net and down riggers in the excitement. Sounds like you have been paying attention. Now that you have your first the future is bright.

05-31-2006, 08:07 AM
Glad to have you on the boards. And it's great to know that all the information from the boards is helping you.
It was good to see you on the water.
Looking forward to seeing more of your posts.
Capt. Ken

06-01-2006, 07:57 AM
Capt ken The fish that you caught was big but did you see the one Mickey caught? It looked like a hunchback. It was huge. Do you have a picture Mickey???

06-01-2006, 05:56 PM
Thanks for the kind words guys.
Mickey, Took me so long because I didnt think I even ranked as arookie yet. Just soakin in knowledge. I did figure instead of randomly tooling around the lake for a 100 hours I would enroll myself into 'sniffer college'. I'm majoring in trout, with minor degrees in salmon, stripers and catfish. I'm gettin pretty good grades on my mack tests. Grandpa always said 'Study Haaard' just took me thirty some years to figure out doing your homework pays off.
I'm workin on that under-arm grip pose you got, kinda like flexin' your bicep with a fish. lol
Got a even better report today, but I'll have to tell that story later tonight.

06-02-2006, 07:10 AM
LOL! Been there and there really is nothing more exciting than that first one. Great post look forward to hearing more.