View Full Version : Help save the Fish, the Delta, and the People!!!

09-30-2005, 04:47 PM
Hi All,

I was wondering if you could help out the people of Suisun City and our precious delta, fish, and wildlife from a horrible ordeal that is happening. In Suisun City, a harbor city that borders very close to the waters of the Carquinez Strait, Sacramento River, San Joaquin River, Montezuma Slough, the California Delta, and other Bay Area waters a current landfill full of biowaste has existed. This dump has been around for a while now. The smell is now apparent when night falls and citizens turn in for the night in their beautiful homes. The dump trucks pass by day and night dropping of increasing amounts of biowaste and other nasty garbage. This landfill is in the Suisun Marsh connected to the Suisun Channel, known for its stripers, sturgeon, birds, and other wildlife these wetlands offer. Once these waters are contaminated then only God knows when it will effect everything and everyone else. Please help put a stop to a current ongoing battle with those who try to ruin our waters, our way of living, and our health just because of their love of money. Please view these websites, and learn about what is happening to our precious delta:



Everyone out there.....Please HELP!!!!!!!!!