View Full Version : Mr T's Sturgeon Balance Beam Question?

09-22-2005, 09:23 PM
Well with the cooler weather i can finally work in the shop again. I am beginning to construct a new (eg. better) balance beam, and really like Mr T's design. I was wondering if I can get the deminsions of the balancers? I printed a picture and used the balance rod in the photo's (which I believe to be about 1" thick to get a rought idea.
These are by far the best rod holders I have seen IMHO. Do the rod handles pressure fit into the V notch well? Also what did you construct these out of? I have some Oak I may use, but the plastic would be much easier to cut. I thought about using PVC composite fencing.
I am also going to make each beam independent of one another, mounting each on in a rod holder base. I also got some casters to use for the swivel bases. i got a lot of great ideas to start from.
I went through the past posts for ideas, but enough time has past I was hoping folks had some diffrent techniques and the results of the balance beams built in the past posts. Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated! Thanks