View Full Version : ok...im back...sorry to those i lost contact with

07-31-2005, 05:02 PM
just thought if anyone would like to know that sturgeon are jumping and very active in the carquinez straight and benicia/martinez area's

9th street, 12th street and the straight are heating up....i have been fishing the area for salmon and right at sundown the sturgeon are jumping....one night last week i counted 8 jumpers all within an hour's time. i know of a few being caught around eckley pier/port costa area.

now everyone knows that a sturgeon jumping isnt on the bottom which doesnt help our cause but they are there to jump.

and as for the disapperiance i am sorry, i got the heat from 916 when i finally met him in person this weekend out in the surf.

a special sorry to fishkiller....dude i applogize to you for not getting back to you, but when we last talked i was unemployed and hurting for work....i got that job, you know the one and it SUCKED...so i left and started a new one which is much better and have been busy trying to make a good impression with the boss so i have been ignoring the fishing and friends here on the board......

any how sorry for the winded explanation but there it is.....hopefully i will be back in the strug mode soon.


08-05-2005, 02:36 PM
??? Whats a norcal banger ;D ;D ;D nerd 8)