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08-05-2005, 08:58 AM
So my Dad calls me yesterday stating that he just got home and there was a bunch of boxes on his porch. All addressed to him ‘Michael Jones’ (hence why I go by mjonesjr) and even though he’s a fly fishing tackle Ho he can’t figure out what the hell it was since he hadn’t ordered anything that week. ??? ??? ???

So he opens one of the boxes to find out that he has 100 copies of Big Bass Zone… Catch Monster Bass by Michael Jones & Bill Siemantel from Stoeger Publishing on his doorstep. :-/

After a little investigating he finds that Stoeger is owned by Benelli where he’s purchased firearms before and someone pulled the wrong Michael Jones from their database. He calls them up and tells them about it which they greatly appreciated. He tells the he’s going to keep 2 copies and they make arrangements to pick them up but not before he autographs one copy which he puts back before packing them back up. ;D :D ;D

Anyway we got a good chuckle about it. I said at $24.95, can you say Ebay? ??? But of course there’s that karma thing to always remember. ::) ;D ::)

Screaming Reels,



08-05-2005, 09:03 AM
Please disregard, I meant to put this in the Campfire forum.