View Full Version : Any action out of Moss?

09-03-2007, 06:15 AM
I haven't heard much posted about Moss lately. I have a couple of days off work this week and was wondering if it is worth the 2.5 hour drive for the salmon this time of year. Nobody trying? I think I know the answer, I just wanted to hear it from you guys.

09-03-2007, 10:54 AM
Moss is dead!There are a few fish being caught at the west edge of the Soquel Hole 200' and deeper out of SC, shorter of a run,but you can get to the hole from Moss.There is no salmon down around Moss as I fished there 2 weeks ago after hearing of fish there,but a big skunk-o- for that day for salmon as we trolled around all our goto salmon spots.Took home some nice rockies off the Pajaro rock piles though.Best bet would be out of SC to try for the salmon.Good luck *;)

09-03-2007, 12:35 PM
Hey scfisher, I might have seen you out there on the pipeline, if you noticed a Skipjack with Farallon wheelhouse putting around trying to hook up with some rockies. Did pretty good, even though we released many more than we kept. Lotsa small blacks out there. They were perfectly fine to release...no swim bladder or eye protrusions. They hit the water after being unhooked and swam away like nothing had happened.

Anyway, back to salmon. We'd heard so much about the slam-bang hook-ups outside of Moss, so being that's where the boat is harbored, we finally got out there to get in on the action. Hah! Just our luck...the times we go out, there's nothing, nada, zippo! Even back not so long ago when we were seeing dozens of huge bait balls just outside the harbor, we still didn't get any salmon.

Last time we went out, we trolled around for a couple of hours and didn't see anything at all on the fish finder, so decided to head toward the Pajaro pipeline. It was strange not to run into any baitballs like before, but we have noticed trawlers around there a lot. Maybe they got most of them? If so, they must be doing booming business, because for a while, the whole bay around Moss was nothing but a swarm of baitfish.

09-03-2007, 01:44 PM
Toxic_Waste,I'm sure I seen the your skipjack around there too.the boat I go is a 23' Wellcraft beige with blue bottom paint.Last time I was at the pipeline the blacks and blues were big size around 6lb.We went through the small ones to get the big ones.There were spear fisherman diving too from their kayaks too.I'm glad you found the pipline.Lots of bait last time I fished Moss just no salmon.You would think with all that bait you troll through that the rods will pop off the down riggers,but not too be.The bait boats will come through over nite and scoop up the bait very fast too which means no bait in the bay and no salmon around either.You hear they get fish one day and we go the next day for the salmon and end up with the big skunk "O" for the day.Seems like at times always a day late.Thats fishing though.Toxic your time will come to get into the hogs out of Moss.See you on the water next time *;)

09-03-2007, 02:49 PM
I know what you mean about "getting through" the small ones to get to the big ones (presumably near the bottom), but even when I was at the bottom, I mostly got the little guys. There was one spot, before we drifted off it and/or the school moved, where I couldn't even get to the bottom before the babies would hook up, like a frenzy.

There was one interesting thing we tried that was different. Deep__Sixx was not getting any bites on his usual rod and tackle, so he switched to a light spinning rod with light line and a 1-oz. weight instead of the 8-oz. size. I was reluctant to fish for rockies on such light tackle, but I at least agreed to switch weights, because I wasn't even getting any bites.

As soon as I went to a lighter weight, the bites started that rod tip a-twangin'. I was thinking that we would only catch the small ones for sure, but Deep__Sixx caught a really nice weighty one, I think a calico. Every other rockfish we caught that day were blacks, which was the first time we'd run into a single-species hook-up like that. I caught a few nice ones, too, but all in all, we threw so many back that day we lost count.

We didn't get even one hang-up that day, which was unusual, as I hate hanging up and having to break my line. Now we are set up with a lighter leader so the weight will break away but leave our shrimp fly rigs (hopefully).

Sixx accidentally caught a couple of baby octos. Good bait! We found that the bare shrimp flies weren't even getting us one nibble, but adding squid worked "OK" and cut anchovy worked wonders. It was by far the food the fish preferred that day.

When salmon fishing gets boring, it's nice to find some rockies to play with. And man, are they good eating! I am gonna miss them dearly when the season ends.

Speaking of that subject, when the salmon, rockfish, tuna, halibut and lingcod seasons are over...what is there to go after besides crabs and sand dabs and mackerel (yuk) ?

09-03-2007, 04:52 PM
Toxic_waste once salmon,lings,rockies end your rtie its crabs,dabs and macks till next salmon season.I use the ultra lite gear too for the rockies and no less than 3oz of lead if not alot of drift.A metal gibbs minnow jig 2 1/2 oz in blue and chrome was workinkg for me the others on the boat were useing shrimp flys with squid.Some of the rockies were spiting up small shrimps.I hope the next years salmon is is better than the last 2 seasons.Years past its been some dynamite salmon fishing.I rember when the fishing is so good we put the trolling gear away and mooch.We had limits of salmon for 4 guys in the boat within 30 minutes.With the salmon fishing so slow and the mooch bite noexsistent the last two seasons trolling is the way to go.Crabbing can be very good off of Pajaro in 250' water.might give it one more run for salmon before the season is over and then theres rockies too.Once winter comes I'll be chasing steelhead on the rivers.