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07-12-2007, 08:31 PM
Here's the report for all you Fishsniffers heading for the fest.Do you want the good news or the bad news first.

Good news: Wed and Thurs the water was as glassy as it gets. On the way in Thurs I was hitting 35 MPH and never slammed the hull.

On Wed we fished at 8X10. I've never seen the fleet so large. Literally hundreds of boats in view with lots of stick boats. We had our limits (6) of quality salmon by noon. (Thanks to fishinrick for putting us in the right area.) Largest about 25 lbs. Most came during a one hour frenzy. Partner lost one that was one of the biggest hogs I've seen. His reel froze up during a run and that was that. Green Dodgers and green E-chip RSK's/anchovies from 30-65 ft OTW. A lot of "In the box" radio traffic.

Now the bad news: Thurs we couldn't buy a bite. Trolled from 7:30 til 2 PM without a scratch. Tried everything and every depth from 30 to 125. Most of the radio traffic sounded like 0-2 in the box. Mostly zero. Did hear a few going in with limits but they were scattered all over. No consistent hot spot. The fleet was strung out from elephant rock to North of Bodega head. Most on the 10 or 11 line (300 feet). Water temp was up to 53 degrees on our meter. Did talk to one old timer at Lawsons who went to 150 ft of water straight West of the point and had his limit by 8:30. Have talked to the guy several times before and never been a BS'er

Could break open again Friday so who knows. In my uneducated guess the fish seem to be moving a little farther North each day.

Good luck to all the salmonfesters.

07-12-2007, 08:39 PM
Nice Report CD ;)