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03-14-2006, 10:29 PM
As Fishquest pointed out in an earlier post:
Public Hearings
March 27-28, 2006: Public hearings will be held to receive comments on the proposed ocean salmon fishery management options adopted by the Council. All public hearings begin at 7 pm on the dates and at the locations specified below.

March 28, 2006
Flamingo Hotel
Flamingo Ballroom
2777 Fourth Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
(707) 545-8530

Who is with me on attending this meeting?

03-14-2006, 11:48 PM
Ok so I'm confused. Honestly please give me your input.

So regardless of WHY the salmon died off. Their dead. So the fact that there is sooo little salmon in those rivers wouldnt we want to welcome a closing of the season rather then say ''oh its all about water''. ya it probably is but what is done is done.

IF I'm understanding this right. So the salmon population died off because of a bad political desision. NOT fishing will help it get better for future generations. WHY is everyone fighing to keep it open if so many salmon have died? Like I said wouldnt we welcome the closure knowing in the long run it will help us. If in fact there is so little salmon that have died off then why is everybody pushing this issue. I mean would you rather fish till theres NO salmon returning to those rivers at all?

If there really is that little of salmon in that river then why is everybody pushing this issue?

''this is where it starts. next thing you know they will be shutting down the american river too. its the hippies that are causing this trying to stop fishing'' any arguement other then that I'd love to hear.

I know NOTHING about the klamath. I'm not looking to upset anybody I'm REALLY just trying to understand whats going on.


03-15-2006, 06:46 AM
We aren't going to be allowed to catch several hundred thousand surplus Sacramento River fish just because there's a "chance" that we might catch a couple hundred fish from the Klamath. The Klamath fish are not considered endangered or threatened.

Because of water mismanagement by the government, the Klamath has not been able to support as many natural spawners as the government would like to see. Due to this mismanagement, millions and millions of revenues will be lost, thousands of people will be out of jobs, and I won't be able to fish with my kids.

You can sit back and wait for the government to fix this problem if you like, but I've already seen the published reports of the government's answer to this problem: catch less fish. If you're happy with that solution, just continue to sit back and do nothing. Me, I won't go down without a fight!

03-15-2006, 07:09 AM
Main fix to any problem. Find the root of the problem and fix it. In this case the government is trying to fix the problem by overlooking the main focus of the problem which is the water quality in the Klamath river. If you stop us from fishing for salmon it will not make any difference. If the water is bad the fish will continue to die! commercial and sport fishermen are not the problem. We understand that there needs to be adequate action taken to restore the salmon population (restrictions, shorter season, etc) but we shouldnt have to get the raw end of the deal. STop giving water to the farmers, open up a hatcherie, let more water flow through the river to try to clean up the parasite problem.

DO NOT tell thousands of fishermen that they cant fish for salmon and you will have a big problem on your hands

03-15-2006, 07:49 AM
Brian (Snappy_McBite) summed it up pretty well! This is so much BS from our government (again). This is only the beginning, and if they cancel the season completely this year, who says they don't do it again next year. We have to set a presidence NOW, and stand up for our rights for the future. With better managment, they can save the Klamath River without hurting a huge number of businesses.

03-15-2006, 10:18 AM
once the habitat (river) is improved the fish population will recovery and grow to abundance
if the habitat is not improved the number of salmon will continue to be reduced to an endangered level
when you consider that 80-90% of all fingerlings coming down the river are infected with a parasite that is 100% deadly how are you going to increase the population with out fixing the habitat
if all it takes is a little extra flow of water at certain times of year to fix the problem ....
then what is the problem?
the reason we fishermen are standing up so tall at this time is becuase if we dont....the habitat will not be fixed and we will never again be able to fish for salmon
the columbia and sacramento are expecting an over abundance of fish again this year
therefore the percentage of fish that are klamath river fish are only a very very small percentage
if we stay away from the mouth of the klamath river we will reduce the pecentage of klamath river caught by even more
once the river is fixed the salmon can and will probably double in just one cycle
if the river is not fixed it wont be long until we wont have to worry about klamath river fish


03-15-2006, 11:26 AM
It's not as simple as providing a little extra flow. The Klamath needed flushing flows like we have experienced since December to disturb the habitat of the intermediate host of the disease pathogen, Ceratomyxa shasta. Hopefully, this year's cohort of outmigrating salmon will have a greater rate of survival as a result of this winter's high flows. Unfortunately the down-side to these large scale flows in the Klamath is there may have been significant loss to redds.

The reality is, we have a very sick river, evidenced by the high rate of in-river mortality from endemic pathogens. In a balanced system, we would expect to see the disease prevalent, but not resulting in high mortality.

The solutions are not simple. Hopefully through the FERC re-licensing process, we will begin to move in the right direction. Fish passage and possibly dam decommissioning could open up many miles of inaccessible habitat. However, the true solution lies in a basin-wide restoration approach to flow and land management. We have a long way to go to get there, and alot of pain needs to be shared along the way.

My hope is that something good will come out of this year... A strong unified voice demanding of the federal government that they finally address this public trust issue, and not just through regulation, but through long term funding of a basin wide restoration plan.

03-15-2006, 04:36 PM
''this is where it starts. next thing you know they will be shutting down the american river too. its the hippies that are causing this trying to stop fishing''

any arguement other then that I'd love to hear.

It aint the "hippies" this time. The actual reason, as posted by Dan Bacher in a previous thread:

"The closure is supposely designed to protect Klamath River chinooks. However, this is a very hollow argument by the Bush administration, since the destruction of the river's fishery is the direct result of a change in water policy by the administration in 2001 that diverts water to subsidized farmers in the Klamath Basin at the expense of the river's salmon, steelhead and other species. The result was the fish kills of 2002 and the deaths of thousands of juvenile salmon through disease spurred by warm water every spring and summer since 2002.

The change in water policy was engineered by Karl Rove, Bush's chief political advisor, to scratch up votes and campaign money from agribusiness to get an Oregon Republican Senator reelected. Because of this dirty political move, recreational, commercial and tribal fishermen will have to suffer this year and for years to come."