View Full Version : Help - Lost Coho Salmon in B.C. ???

01-21-2006, 11:26 AM
A number of rivers in B.C. have had very few coho return this winter while others were jammed packed. One theory is ::: The coho that went north to Alaska did very well but those that went south to Oregon / California ran into to major problems and had a ocean kill.
Any ideas on this mystery ? Thanks for your help !!!
Gordon Robinson Port Alberni B.C. Canada

01-22-2006, 10:47 AM
Seals, Nets, other fishermen, Orca's, sharks, water polution, overfishing in Canada, over fishing in Japan, ditto America, Russia, Korea and on and on.

I forgot natural cycles, El Nino, La Nina and last but not least Golbal warmimg and possible UFO abduction ;D

01-22-2006, 01:19 PM
i think the squid ate em ::)


01-23-2006, 12:55 AM
Architeuthis like this?


01-23-2006, 02:52 PM
we've all read about the enormous "dead zone" off the oregon coast - vast areas of water that are completely devoid of oxygen. caused by large plankton blooms which in turn are eaten by micro organisms that create an unsustainable boimass in the water, resulting in total collapse.

noaa folks reported this in the fall - they reported finding millions of dead rockfish, flat fish etc. didn't hear anything about salmon. could this be a factor?