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06-01-2008, 11:42 AM
hey everyone
I am trying to get into surf fishing as well as fishing off jettys and piers. i went out for the first time off the Princeton Jetty a couple of days ago but got skunked. i had a blast being out there but all i reeled in were some crabs stealing my bait. Any info you guys can give me on would be great. I am brand new to ocean fishing so any info on rigs, tides, techniques, types of fish to catch, etc. will be much appreciated.
thanks a bunch

p.s. does anyone know what types of crabs would be right around the jetty. i threw them back, but are they worth keeping. thanks

06-02-2008, 04:33 PM
In general while fishing jetties I prefer fishing the incoming tide right after slack. I usually poke pole with one rod and cast another one out with a herring or squid on it. To clarify a little on rigs/technique, poke poling is when you walk the jetty looking for crevaces/holes between the rocks where you can see the water below you. Your not casting out your "poking" your bait down into these holes which can sometimes hold little rockfish/ AND MONKEY FACE EELS! Those are fun. Usually i tie a 1/2 ounce or 3/4 ounce weight to the bottom of the line and about 8 inches above that a size 2? hook with a grass shrimp, piece of pile worm, or squid. Generally anything would work i guess.

06-02-2008, 07:46 PM
Hey thanks a lot for the info. I am going out tomorrow and will put it to use.