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02-03-2008, 09:22 AM
Have any of you guys been to the Palo Alto wetlands? *My buddy was saying that he has caught striped bass and flounder there before. *He says that the stripers are there all year round, and it is so close to my house that I decided to scout there yesterday. *It is just off of highway 101 in Palo Alto, the exit is Embarcadero. *Here is the location:


I guess you are supposed to cross the little bridge, park, and then walk back across the bridge and fish the canal to the west. *Here is where I was fishing:



There was a lot of waterfowl around, kinda cool... Sandpipers, plovers, ducks I have never seen before:


Apparantly, you can dig in the mud for clams, hook on the clams, and then catch bullheads to use as bait for stripers. *Unfortunately it looks like this is a seasonal thing, because there were 0 clams in the mud when I was digging around. *There were plenty of dead ones (shells), but it looks like clam season there is during the summer. *

If anybody has experience with this place, please post. *It's exciting to think I could catch stripers and other saltwater fish only 20 mins from my house.

02-03-2008, 10:05 AM
Usually those stripers show up between April and June, in those channels and lagoons.
You can also walk to the end of the boardwalk to a little pier...Catch sharks and bat rays during summer high tides...I even heard they have caught a sturgeon or two off of that pier...so they say...