View Full Version : Monterey WSB hunt 10-9

10-09-2009, 03:38 PM
GN and I got to MBK at 8:00 and beelined to the yellow can. Nobody had anything yet, and the red tide had the water looking erie. Squid were everywhere, birds and sealions too. One of my pals Eric landed a nice baracuda, then a commercial guy caught two really big white seabass. On my second drift, my clicker starts goin nuts on my squid that is pinned deep. I kick it in gear and the fight is on. I was low on line on the spool, so I locked the drag and thumbed the spool......shortly later, PING! snapped me off clean on the leader right behind the hooks. The wind came up and we headed in to Cannery row to work the kelp for rock fish. I ended up with four and GN the same, oh, and Gabe, I got the biggest one this time! It was a nice copper about 3.3 pounds, not bad for a hail marry stringer of small blacks, coppers, and browns. Left home at 4, got home at 10. Long day, good night.

10-09-2009, 03:40 PM
Most were caught on shrimp flies with squid strips on or near bottom. My keeper black was on a fly lined squid for WSB, and consequently had to drop to one rod.

10-10-2009, 04:52 AM
Thanks for taking me Rich. I know you go the biggest fish this time. :-[At least neither of us got skunked. :) I told you that you were due. Even though you got the biggest one I caught more.

That red tide was freaky and all those jellyfish made it that much worse. I can't believe how many times I reeled up bits of jellyfish on my line. The really cool thing of the day had to be when the dolphin went under my yak. It was so close it seemed like I could have just reached down and touched it. I wish we lived closer to the coast. It's way too much fun out there. So long as you stay away from the Sea Lions on the rock wall. ;D That was a foul smell. I've smelled them before but that was in a class of it's own.