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02-21-2010, 11:44 AM
Fished Quarry from 0500-1030. Caught a 4#er at 0715 and 2 more of these big ones were also caught by other anglers next to me literally within 5mins apart. Guess there was school of these passing by since it was quiet for awhile. Then i caught a 1# around 0800.* Showers started pouring but when it stopped a 2# at struck at 0930 and it was quiet again. More showers again off and on. Left by 1030. Several anglers around me had atleast a* fish on their stringer.
Fish On!

02-21-2010, 12:43 PM
Wohoo! Very nice YL, didn't take the kids today? Wanted to fish but it was raining when I got up this morning. Once again, nice pics and thanks for the report. Fish On 8-)

02-21-2010, 12:47 PM
Nice fish. Got my brine and smoke on today. The fish from San Pablo was white and mushy. The 2 from Chabot were pink and firm. The big one reminded me of a small salmon fillet. :'(

02-21-2010, 12:47 PM
yummy.....fillet those baby's cook (fry) slowly in some garlic butter and had some shaved almonds....make your tongue slap top of your head :P

02-21-2010, 01:30 PM
Youngling, congrats on the awesome day of fishing in the rain. Thanks for sharing the report and pics. Were you fishing your usual spot(Peninsula). FISH ON ;D!!!

02-21-2010, 04:27 PM
RBF ~ No kids, just me and my older brother. I didn't want to expose my kids to the weather and besides they will get my iPhone wet watching movies to kill time in between bites.
LIF ~ yeah I fished at the "usual" spot at the Peninsula. So far in the past 2-3 weeks that area has been consistently productive however it may be slow at some days but still being able to keep the skunk away.

FISH ON all!

02-22-2010, 01:46 AM
Way to go YL for sticking it out in the rain yesterday.* It sure paid off.* Boy, huge difference between those Lassen and DFG fish.* Although you did pretty good at Lake Chabot the other day, I see Quarry is still your favorite. ;D