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09-14-2009, 03:53 AM
Went up to Hat Creek for the Labor day weekend. We stayed at the RimRock cabins in Old Station. The valley between old station and castle is burned to the bone, it's pretty sad but mother nature at work.
Got a couple fish right across from the cabins the first morning. Then we went up to Cassel and started killing them. We caught tons of fish, Brooks and rainbows. First day/spot caught mostly Brookies and the next day/spot we caught mostly rainbows. My wife caught the biggest fish of the weekend.
I skinned, filleted and breaded them and wow they were good!!!! I ended up cleaning 17 fish in one night by myself!! This guy gave us a bunch of fish cause he didnt want them. "long drive" he said, in my head i said well then dont catch them in the first place dumb@$$! But they were strung and i didnt want them to go to waste so i took them. My hands were almost purple by the time i was done cleaning!! I gotta teach the other people in my party to clean fish then i wont have to do it all next time. Oh well, practice makes perfect, i did all 17 in less than 30 minutes.
Needless to say I will be going back up there more often!! :D

09-14-2009, 05:30 AM
Beautiful area!!! I was up there one week before you.

I had foolishly not been to Hat Creek since 1993 (life and Delta fishing kinda got in the way). I also booked a cabin (cabin 'B') at Rimrock Ranch for myself, my thirteen year old son and my girlfriend. Neither one of them had ever been to Hat Creek before and my girlfriend had never caught a fish before.

We got there Friday afternoon in time for the evening fish. I decided to just set my girlfriend up with some powerbait to make it simpler for her. My son tried salmon eggs and I plied the beautiful water with Panther Martins. I was showing her how to get her bait out and drift it into a hole when I got hit. This one turned out to be a bait stealer, but she got fresh bait out into the water on her own. I walked away twice to help my son at another spot and both times she hooked up!!!! I am sorry that I missed her land her first ever fish, but I am very happy she finally got to experience what we all love around here.

Her first was a small brookie, her second was this colorful rainbow. I had to hold it as she is still getting used to fishing and touching the fish was too much for her* ::) ::)


As it turned out she would catch the only two fish of that first evening. The following morning we all took a crack at the creek again, but I gotta tell ya...........I spent most of that morning retying my son's lost Panther Martins. I did happen to squeeze out four brooks though.


We then returned to the cabin for lunch and I took them to the PG&E pumphouse in Cassel, near Baum Lake. We all got into some rainbows there. My son caught and landed two 'bows all on his own with a blue bodied Panther Martin with a holographic rainbow trout blade. My girlfriend stuck to powerbait and I kept working the churning pump water with a solid gold Panther Martin.


I then took them to Burney falls.



The following morning I worked the creek again for two more brookies. Here is proof that she has now fished* ;D ;D


We finished the trip with a drive through Lassen National Park. It was a wonderful and beautiful trip and you can bet that I will not wait another 16 years for a return trip!

On a side note before the trip I had to buy my son a reel so I got him an Abu Garcia Cardinal 101 for $35. It went completely south on us during the trip. The drag lost all adjustment and the spool stayed locked up with no drag at all. Luckily Rimrock had reels on hand so I replaced it with a Daiwa Exceler 1500. This is a much better and smoother reel than the Cardinal ever was out of the package.

8-) 8-)

09-14-2009, 06:08 AM
Sweet! It is awesome up there, I wish I had made it to Burney Falls, I hear it is beautiful up there. I also was fishing by the pg&e pumphouse. The fishing there is awesome, walked up and down that thing catching lots. [smiley=fishing5xd.gif]
Glad to hear you enjoyed it up there also. We stayed in Cabin 14, had a nice firepit. I'll be up there more and more. Esp after I move to Redding........