View Full Version : A Day at Chabot with my 4 year old son!

05-07-2009, 09:30 PM
My son and I got to Chabot at about 1015hrs. We set up at the 1st dock on the west shore trail side. As soon as I set my 1st pole in the water, I got my 1st bite within 2mins. My son reeled in the fish and then helped net the fish(lil 11.5in trout). I wanted to release it but my son wanted to keep it, so I did...for him. It was quiet throughout the day with no bites or signs of any fish. At about 1300 hrs, just as I was about to pack up I got my 2nd bite, but I lost it. So I immediately set my pole up again and tossed it back out. I told my son that we'll just stay and wait for another 10-15mins. I'm glad I did because as I was breaking down my other pole, I saw my bobber hit hard. It was FISH ON! As I set my hook in, I began to reel it in and it felt strong and heavy. My son ran and grabbed the net. As the fish came up without breaking the water yet, my son and I saw how big the fish was...my son said to me, "wow daddy that's a big fish!" The fish would stop struggling for a few seconds, and then it would break away from the shoreline...it would do this for a good 5-10mins. Up until I was able to get the fish just along the shoreline, my son placed the net on top of it and as I knelt down to help him out, the fish made its last attempt to flee by splashing a good amount of water onto my son and I. It worked because the hook came out, and with a split second decision by me...I knelt down in a foot of water and mounted the fish in order to keep it from making a break for the water. Although my son and I got wet, we had an awesome time landing our 5lb-8oz, 23.5in trout. We gave each other high-fives several times and we were laughing at each other because we didn't expect to get wet. My son and I kept talking about our adventure throughout the day, and I have to say...this will be a day I'll never forget. The day was captured with a photo of my son and I, and our fish that we landed together. As soon as my wife shows me how to download the picture of the fish, I would love to show all of you. To all of the fisherman, have a good day/night, and good luck.

05-08-2009, 07:25 AM
that is way cool....he will remember that for the rest of his life !

05-08-2009, 07:45 AM
I Love hearing reports like this. My son (now 8) still rubs it in that he has never been skunked at Chabot. No one else in my family can say that. ;D

Thanks for sharing,