04-14-2009, 01:15 PM
i have been reading this forum for some time , triing to improve my fishing skills .finally today i went out and got my limit at *lake mclure
in about 3 hours , i had 5 in the boat and about 4 ldr , after following kyle and kents advice i set down with my lures and put differt hooks on them useing the polamer knot like kent said, and worm hooks like kyle advised, this really does hold the worm better, i adjusted my trolling speed ,as this didnt push the dodger to the top , and limit stick telling me how far back to let the line out and the general rule of 150 feet,i just want to thank the many sniffers for there posts and the great information every one is so helpfull ,i had a great day fishing. maybe kyle can show me how to post* pics .waterford fisher

04-14-2009, 01:19 PM
Pretty cool WF! Glad you had a great day out there!


04-14-2009, 02:04 PM
Good job WF. These forums are full of good people with good info!!

04-14-2009, 02:29 PM
Gosh darn it WF!!! Another report on how well McClure is >:( Our little secret won't be a secret for long ;)
Yeah, those two know their stuff.
I was out Monday and started with wedding rings...nothing, went to needlefish for nothing, tried two colors of grubs for nothing, so went back to what Kyle told me and trolled a hook w/crawler on a short leader behind a dodger and instant hookups for 8 fish in about 2 hours.
For those of you who have small kids and want to get them onto some fish, I recommend McClure.

04-14-2009, 03:33 PM
waterford fisher: If you like i can put them on the board for you. Until you figure out how to do it. It can be a pain, i know it took us a while. PM me if you like. Then we can get them on. Everyone here like to see pictures. So if i can help, let me know!!!

Robbie (Koke Machine)...

Ps. Sounds like a great day on the Water. Congrats....

04-14-2009, 04:49 PM

Congrats.... I knew you weren't far off in your approach. Take Robbie up on his offer to post the pics if you've got em... As he stated we love pictures and keep the great reports coming.


04-14-2009, 04:55 PM
Ron glad to hear you found a limit, we seen you on the water this morning. It was pretty tough for us today we found our 20 fish limit but it did take some time with the new people we took out. We lost a ton of fish but how you going to learn. Give me a call and I will be more then happy to fish with you on Thursday or Friday, taking my nephew in the morning. ;D ;D

04-14-2009, 05:00 PM
Waterford Fisher: Here are the Photo's of your catch. The 2 hour seminar at Melones you fished with us, was with Joe Fish of Joe Fish Guide Service. He now has a website. Check it out... Congrats on a great day of fishing. Glad i could help. If there anything else just ask away!!!

Robbie (Koke Machine)...




04-14-2009, 06:05 PM
Great day Waterford Fisher I am happy it worked for you. Kyle and I had a tuff day for some unknow reason but now it makes sense to me. Im to tired to post pics tonight butwill get them up tomorrow. Kent

04-14-2009, 07:54 PM
Right on!!!

04-14-2009, 10:40 PM
Good people with good info is right! Brings a tear to my eye how great everyones been since I started up. ;) My wife has a little different opinion however, since now I can still get my fix on the boards while I'm not on the water! [smiley=evil.gif]

04-15-2009, 05:48 AM
:) Looks great Bro, I wish I could have been there with you. Thanks for the pics, I will pick up a couple of more lures for us. Thanks to the fish sniffer forum. Everyone has been so kind and helpful, it is truly appreciated. Look forward to seeing you out on the water.

04-15-2009, 06:07 AM
Outstanding Work out there WF.
Those fish look to be in great condition. Nice silver scales and pink meat....... your in for a good treat :D :D :D Yummy.
Great bunch of gents here who sure know their stuff. 8-) 8-) 8-)

04-18-2009, 07:57 PM
thanks robbie for posting the pics , and thank you every one for the great support. thanks waterford fisher