View Full Version : SHADOW CLIFFS 3-8

03-10-2009, 11:16 AM
Finally got a chance to take out the new boat on sunday. Decided to go out to Shadow Cliffs. Got a bit of a late start, hit the water at about 8:30. Headed straight for one of our old honey holes, bait up, and cast out. 10 min in get a nibble, first fish in the boat, 15 inch trout. Stay there for a little bit with no bites. Decide to move on to a few spots that usually produce. Moved around for a few hours with not so much as a bite. Headed back to the first spot to end the day. 10 min in it happens again...16 inch trout. Not a lot of fish, but at least I don't have the smell of skunk on the new boat ;D