View Full Version : Friday Los Vaqueros Report & Surprise Brown

02-20-2009, 06:40 PM
Decided I need to get in my fishing fix before the rains started up again. Got a late start at my favorite secret spot on the north end of the reservoir. *Threw out a white beetle spin to look for bass and landed a rainbow instead. *Guessing that the trout were looking for lures that resembled Delta Smelt, I picked out this a pearly-colored *small spoon I recently bought in Japan

It was just the ticket. *I caught 3 more holdover trout and lost another two. *The big surprize was this small brown:


I had heard there were browns in LV, but this is the first one I have caught. *Hope there are more out there.

I also fished a second rod with a worm, but nothing was interested in that; on a bobber or off the bottom. *I think the trout are hunting down all the Delta Smelt they can find currently. *I did talk to a fellow that had caught a couple nice ones on powerbait, but I had left that stuff home. *Nothing huge, but after a few weeks without fishing, it was still good. ;D