View Full Version : Comanche 3rd Skunk With Some Excitement

01-18-2009, 12:20 PM
I was trying to get out on the water fast and not cause a backup at the south ramp and forgot my plug. My son had moved the boat around to the other side of the dock like I asked him to, so that the next person in line could launch. Luckily I can just reach the hole without putting my head under water. After about two minutes of both my bilge pumps running the boat was empty.

Trolled the narrows with rebels, worms, and other lures. Toplining and down upto 20 feet. Had a couple of releases on the downriggers at 10 feet. No sticks.

The next excitement came as I was near the middle of the narrows heading upstream when a large aluminum boat crossed over my topline. Before he got to it I started reeling it in. It was exciting watching over 1,000 feet of line screem off of my reel. For some reason I had my left index finger and thumb on the line before the boat got my line. Fishing line burn doesn't feel too good. Just before I was fully spooled about 10 more turns and the line must have got cut. When I first started reeling in the line it felt like I sitll had the lure on but it was just all the line in the water.

01-18-2009, 01:07 PM
when we were out there saturday, the bass boats were the rudest i have encountered. >:(