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12-01-2008, 07:08 PM
Ok so I have a friend who lives in Kingsburg who I am going to visit during our christmas break, told me he does well on the SJ for trout I am thinking he's crazy.......then he showed me the pics. Was wondering if any of you sniffers could enlighten a rookie on the whereabouts and what to use down on the river, never been there and all I know is from what he told me and the DFG website said. Like always any info is appreciated. Thanks Guys!

Brad "Hunkfisher"


12-20-2008, 04:06 PM
Nobody ....... Anyone??? Last shot at info figured I'd revive it before I head down on Monday read the fresno bee said fish to 9 pounds!! As always Ill report and any last minute info is greatly appreciated. Thanks all

Brad "Hunkfisher"


12-20-2008, 05:34 PM
Hey Brad,
I always look at the pictures at Doyles store on my way to Pine Flat. I've never fished the river but most of the time I hear spinner type tackle works best for the big ones. I would call Doyles bait shop tomorrow and they would have the best info. for you.


12-22-2008, 01:02 AM
You can fish the broken bridge or just down from that at lost lake park. I have a buddy that caught a 5lb trout about 3 weeks ago at the broken bridge. I saw the pic! nice fish.


12-22-2008, 05:47 AM
Sorry for the late replie but here is an interesting story that goes back 55 years in regards to the area you mention. The broken bridge at Fraint then was a good area to fish but there was a better spot and this gets rather amazing. Dad heard of a spot across from the fish hatchery at Friant and dad lets it out of the bag we are going Sat morning to a new secret spot. Well with great anticipation like that the night before Christmas when your a kid I am eager for the sun to rise.
We got up at O dark morning and headed out, stoping at our favorite bait and tackle store fored worms that we put in our trusty tobacco cans that my great grandfather so generously provided for us. We get to the hatchery and go across the street from it and start walking along the road. Now mind you it is still dark and dad hears water running from a pipe falling on to water and we can barley see the pool. Dad says bait up and lets try right here till the sun gets up and we can see better. We start fishing ,waiting for the sun and finally we can see a bit better.
We notice images on the bottom of the pond and see splotches of white here and there. To get this moving along turns out we are fishing in a small discharge serwer pond ;D. Well, dad realizing his mistakes says let's move son. We discover that there is a small channle of running water above the sewer pond and that you have to wade across then hike though the blackberries and brambles eventually coming out on the southside of the San Jouquain River.
Now down here the river is pretty fast moving over a shallow gravel bar and the river was wide. Dad loaded me up on his back and waded over to the far side and placed me on the bank. We hiked down a ways across the feild and long the edge of the river till we came upon some granite rock that ahd been polished smooth by the river before the damn was built with Indian Grinding holes in it.
You now know where the SECRETE SPOT was that I fished 55 years ago. Dad would let me fish off the granite while he waded out and fished the undercut hole from the riverbank. This became one of our favorite spots to go to for some time and limits were the rule of very nice rainbows. We never saw another person fishing this area. I have often wonder about it and quized dad (who passed away this past Sept). When I quized him about my memory, a smile would come across his face and we would relive great memores that made fishing with dad so special. Merry Christmas pops your son , Kent

12-22-2008, 09:15 AM
Hi all,

Ah, this section provided many fine hours of trout fishing in my younger days.

The area that twoelk48 mentioned is still a good area especially during the summer. *It is closest to the Lost Lake camping area although you can walk into this area from the day-use area. *Respectfully, it is hardly a secret location to local fishermen and getting there before dawn is still the requirement for fishing the prime lays.

In the winter, any of the slower sections along the Lost Lake Park shoreline produces fish. *Drift fishing techniques worked the best for my family during low flow conditions.

The broken bridge hole was my favorite location. *But flood releases several years ago really changed the streambed.

Hunkfisher, unless you enjoy urban fishing, I would fish the lower Kings River. *Either locations has rough looking people hanging out in the warmer weather season.


12-22-2008, 02:38 PM
Well guys thanks for all the info though it was a bit late ill put it to good use one of these days anyways for my report.... met up at lost lakes around 830 with my buddy matt from kingsburg. Started fishing up stream by the bridge and broken bridge stayed there all day wandered a bit landed a few 4 for the both of us on worm with no weight, this river really was interesting no wieght was use at all, and yet we still got snagged on moss, there was lots of it too. The river seams to fracture and segment a lot, met a couple of guys who gave us some pointers. For how long the trip was (2hr 45 Min's) I don't think ill be going back soon on this break, we did stop in at the hatchery to check out what was going on saw the BIG boys ( swear they look like Chinooks) and them loading up a truck of course they would not tell two twenty year old with rods in hand where they were going *:D ;D, anyways really interesting landscape and river looks like a good fly fishing river, didn't see a hatch today. Just got back now cleaning the gear and getting ready for a slamador trip tomorrow. Thanks for all the help guys there s another river added to my list!

Brad "Hunkfisher"