View Full Version : Anyone been to Del Valle lately?

12-16-2008, 09:24 AM
I normally post on the bass board but at this time of year I think the only thing biting is trout. I'm thinking of hitting up Del Valle next week. Has anyone been there lately? Are the trout hitting lures that are trolled 1-5 ft deep? I like to troll vs using powerbait so just want to see what the deal has been there lately.


12-16-2008, 09:58 AM
Me and my budy Davey went to D.V. on Sat 12/13. A lot of fish being caught on power bait witch i don't even carry in my boat. I am a trollin fool i guess. Managed to land seven up to 5# with a cuple letting go at the boat. Saw a few other boats that did about the same trollin. But it was probably 3 to 1 with those anchered or on shore with power bait. Them 3 us 1. Firetiger broken back repala and rainbow runners did it for us. I think we got one on a wedding ring and a nightcrawler. There is a lot of fish in their right now they planted 2,000lbs. last Monday and another 1,000lbs. two days later on Wednesday. Oh yah by the way did i tell you it was butt cold out their. Dress warm and best of luck to you. >:( >:(