View Full Version : FOLSOM POND

12-11-2008, 08:55 PM
Only had a couple hours today for fishing, thought I would Drag the tracker out for a little pond trolling. Arrived at Folsom At 9:00 AM, Granite Bay launch ramp was closed :( and didn't see another boat boat out there. Well out got down there to the lowest ramp i have ever seen on the lake, straight drop off at the bottom. Didn't have anybody willing to help me get it out there and I only had a couple of hours. There were some guy's out there bank fishing with success so I joined In for a little kastmaster action. Limited out in about 30 min. Never keep any so I fished the rest of my time for about 20 total with several hit no stick. Well I ask around about the action and the guy's said DFG just left 20 min. ago and planted right there. No wonder the action was so hot. Well caught and release all, but these guy's out there were trading fish off to eachother and draging out there limits and more. So it just started feeling like I was fishing the Hatchery so I rolled up and peeled. Have fun out there.

trollin4life 8-)