View Full Version : Lafayette 12/7

12-08-2008, 12:37 PM
Decided to take a short run over to the lake as the DFG has stopped stocking it. According to the ranger, EBMUD will stock it in the future. Last EBMUD stock was 11/12 and it showed. Rented a small alum boat and added my electric motor. Trolled for most of the morning for nary a nibble. Tried rapalas, needlefish, kastmasters, grubs, wedding rings, spinners with 1/2 crawler. Bait fished for a while til I got bored. Tons of seabirds (commerants) who were diving for probably the last few planters left. Talked to 3 in a canoe who also said they did not get a bite. Saw couple other boats and one guy on shore so not much angler pressure. Navigating a little lake in dense fog was a challenge. Needed a break from a tough year workwise and so I at least got some relaxation in for a Sun morning.