View Full Version : Upper Sac. River at Castella(Late report-7/13-716)

09-11-2008, 11:33 AM
Went camping up at Castella(just south of Dunsmuir) with the family. Found a site RIGHT by the river, no more than 20 ft. away from the rv. Caught some gorgeous rainbows and a golden trout too. The biggest bows were 3 12 inchers while the rest were 7-9", the golden trout was about 8 or 9" and such beautiful colors on it too. I used a 1/8 oz. pink jighead with a 2" white crappie tube and a Rapala Jointed Minnow in a Crawdad color-both without any weights. I fished the banks and eddies since there was decent vegetation for shade and low water with extremely few pools. The second to last day that we were there we decided to get some rafts so that we could raft the river because it didn't look so bad. We drove from our campsite to the Soda Creek Road bridge and put in there since it wasn't actual whitewater and it was a nice place to start out. It was me and my 2 sisters in one raft and then my dad, mom and uncle in the other. Went down some level 1 rapids and then there was this HUGE pool right after the rapids and it was really deep, probably 8-9 ft. and there had to be some big trout in there because there was no way to get to that pool except by rafting but couldn't see any in there. A couple minutes later, my sisters and I are going down another rapid and I guessed we leaned the wrong way because the next thing I know, I'm underwater banging my body on the rocks and finally I find a foothold in 3 ft. of water. I look for my sisters and they're a little beat up but nothing bad except my little sister was freaking out because that must've scared her half to death. We lost an oar, flip-flops, my sister's sunglasses and my glasses so I was half-blind. Then we went by another really deep pool and saw some nice trout and they were big, probably a good 18 maybe even 20" :o So the rest of the way, all of us were walking the rafts down because we were sure that there was something even worse ahead of us and it turns out that there was. It was a waterfall-like vertical drop of 4 ft. with a huge rock about 10 ft. after the drop that would've taken the raft and woud've seriously injured someone so that was a deffinate no-no :( We weren't experienced with rafting that much so a lesson was learned that day. If anyone wants to raft on a river, ASK A PROFESSIONAL WHO'S AN EXPERT WITH THE RIVER. We were just lucky that the stretch of the Sac. River we rafted wasn't a level 3 or higher cause we would've been screwed. The scenery along the river was spectacular, the most wonderful and peaceful setting I've ever fished and camped at before so we're going back up there in October. Anyways, here's some pictures of me fishing and our campsite:



Another bow

I was RIGHT in front of the campsite

Campsite and me wading

09-12-2008, 01:52 PM
Oh yeah-does anyone know some good spots on the Upper Sac. by Dunsmuir?